Which Motorcycle Straps are Best for My Bike?

installing l track tie downs

US Cargo Control offers a full line of motorcycle straps designed to secure any motorbike. 614-1-x6-ratchet-strap-with-s-hooks-motorcycle-tie-down-straps_12_640

Motorcycle tie downs vary by style and size, but are typically made of polyester webbing and come in 1” or 2” widths. Polyester is a popular material for tie downs because it is strong, durable and won’t stretch. Motorcycle straps are fitted with S-hooks or double J-hooks on both ends to secure the strap to the anchor points installed in either a truck or trailer. The hooks are finished with a vinyl or rubber coating to protect the bike’s body and diminish the risk of any scratches to paint and parts.

The straps are tightened with either a ratchet or a cam buckle to keep the bike in place during transport. If you have a bike with a delicate surface a cam buckle is likely a better option as it won’t tighten as tightly.

US Cargo Control motorcycle tie downs come in many colors and can be customized. A variety of color options are available to coordinate with bike brands, colors and logos. Orange is available for Harley Davidson bikers or KTM motocross racers. Green is available for those who prefer Kawasaki, red for Honda and blue for Yamaha. An olive green is also an option for those trying to match military or camouflage products.

1" x 6' Ratchet Strap with S-hooks - Motorcycle Tie Down Straps.
1″ x 6′ Ratchet Strap with S-hooks – Motorcycle Tie Down Straps.

USCC motorcycle straps can be bought as a single strap or as part of a kit for a new bike.

If you aren’t sure which style of strap is best for your motorcycle, trailer or truck call our sales team at 800-956-6543. Any of our sales specialists will be happy to work with to get your questions answered.