What are the Different Types of L-Track Fittings?

L-track is a very versatile option to quickly create custom cargo-control systems. L-track is made of a simple, aluminum rail and is paired with special fittings and straps used to keep cargo snug and secure in pickups, cargo vans and trailers.

L-track featuring a single stud fitting O ring.
L-track featuring a single stud fitting O ring.

People use L-track because it’s easy to make their own, especially with its plethora of accessory options.

US Cargo Control offers two types of L-track fittings: single stud and double stud. Each type is placed in a grove along the track creating a secure, adjustable tie-down point. Various types of straps and hooks are compatible with both types of fittings. The difference between single stud and double stud fittings is in the name. Simply put, single stud L-track fittings fit into one slot, where double stud L-track fittings fit into two slots, making the connection point stronger with a higher break strength.

L-track featuring a double stud fitting and strap.

Consider the type of ending you want on the fitting. US Cargo Control offers many different types including single stud fittings with an O ring and D ring plus a double stud with an O ring, D ring, pear link, delta link and others. USCC also offers various ratchet straps equipped with e-track fittings to keep all the pieces together.

US Cargo Control provides many options so you can make the best custom system for whatever you are hauling. If you don’t see exactly what you need, give one of the USCC sales specialists a call at 855-206-6269. They’ll work with you to track down what you need.