Trucker Pride Contest

Trucker Pride Contest

Enter to win a $200 US Cargo Control e-gift card and US Cargo Control gear!

In 2-3 sentences please tell us why you are proud to be a trucker or tell us about a trucker that you are proud of.

Contest Rules: Contest valid 8/6/2018 – 8/24/2018. US Cargo Control reserves the right to cancel or change this contest at any time.
By submitting your information to this contest, you are granting US Cargo Control access to the content submitted for marketing or advertising purposes, you are agreeing to the US Cargo Control terms & conditions and US Cargo Control privacy policy, including receipt of US Cargo Control email offers and promotions. To manage your preferences please access the My Preferences section of the US Cargo Control email or the My Account section on the US Cargo Control website.

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