6 Handy Uses for Reflective Tape

Its official name is conspicuity tape and it’s designed for use on big rig trucks, but this handy reflective tape can be very useful around the home, garage, farm and work site. It’s extremely durable, long-lasting and instantly adds an element of light-reflecting visibility anywhere you need it.

1) In the warehouse: apply truck tape to the floor to highlight danger or high alert areas.

2) In the water: use marine-grade conspicuity tape (designed specifically for water use) on rafts, pontoons, life jackets, water buoys, etc.

3) On the farm: use reflective tape on tractors, other machinery and smaller utility vehicles like 4-wheelers, so they can be easily seen by other motorists, especially at dusk.

4) On the go: Add a narrow strip of truckers tape to a dog collar or leash, running shoes, kids’ backpacks, bicycles, motorcycle helmets.

5) On vacation: use on campers, boats, or supply boxes, to easily add visibility with the quick shine of a flashlight.

6) At home: add to a mail box or roadside fence for visibility to drivers.

Reflective tape for trucks is available in red and white or solid white, and pre-cut strips or rolls. There’s also a curved reflective tape for tankers in solid white. Check out our entire selection of reflective conspicuity tape from Reflexite, Avery Dennison and 3M Scotchlite.

New Warehouse Space Nearly Complete

The big news at US Cargo Control really is big- as in a new warehouse space to house USCC products. Another 42,750 square feet has been added, which nearly triples the current warehouse space.

Several new products have been added to the US Cargo Control merchandise line-up recently, including replacement tie down straps, tire chains, rope, hand trucks, reflective tape, and even a line of premium heavy duty tie down straps, BlackLine. The new warehouse space will allow us to keep more inventory on hand so customers can receive orders more quickly.



We’ve also added a trailer set to use for filming instructional videos about our products. Let us know if there are any US Cargo Control products you’d like to see in our videos.

Keep checking back for even more pictures as we add in racking and products in the warehouse, and create new videos with the trailer set. Stay tuned!