Top 10 Cargo Control Products to be Thankful For

As the scent of fresh-carved turkey and pumpkin pie inches closer and closer to our noses, it’s important to resist the temptation of retreating to the comfort of your recliner for a nap or the warmth of your bed to, well, get away from the in-laws. There will be plenty of time for naps and in-law annoyances come Thanksgiving Day. Until then, you’ve got work to do.

And just in time for the holiday season, US Cargo Control has compiled a list of the top 10 cargo control products to be thankful for. One way or another, they’re all bound to come in handy this time of year.


best waterproof tarp material

1. Tarps

Cover your firewood, boat, or motorcycle for the winter or bring a tarp on your next hunting trip to wrap and drag back game easily. Even if you’re not a professional truck driver using tarps to cover your cargo, a good quality tarp has nearly endless possibilities.



2. Motorcycle Tie Down Straps

Your dirtbikes and motorcycles can all be transported to and from winter storage without a scratch thanks to these specialty motorcycle ratchet straps. Add a plush protective tie down cover for even more protection.




how effective are snow chains

3. Tire Chains

Slip a set of snow chains on your vehicle to drastically increase grip and safety. With these high-quality and easy to use tire chains, no winter weather will keep you from moving forward.





4. Recovery Strapswhere to get recovery straps

This cargo control product is an invaluable tool to have in your truck or SUV during the winter months. You can save someone’s day by pulling them out of the ditch with a heavy-duty tow strap.




5. Safety Trianglesemergency warning triangles

If you find yourself in a ditch or pulled over to the side of the road during these cold and dark winter nights, you’ll need to always make yourself visible to others. Keep a set of these fluorescent orange warning triangles with you to stay safe.




6. Blackline Ratchet Straps

It doesn’t matter how big of a Christmas tree you get when you have these heavy-duty Blackline straps. With the strongest break strength in the industry, these could be used to bring the that massive Christmas tree into Time Square.






7. Good-N-Tight Ratchet Strap Handle

Putting less strain on your back when tightening ratchet straps is something you’ll be thankful for, for years to come. The inventive Good-N-Tight Handle even makes the job easier by giving you three times the leverage.




8. Corner Protectors

These simple devices ensure that cargo (including your Christmas presents) gets delivered damage free. Plastic corner protectors also help extend the life of your ratchet straps by reducing rubbing.





9. Camo Moving Blanket

Friday night football games, early morning hunting trips, or to protect your vehicle’s seats from the dog’s hair and slobber – camo colored moving blankets can be used for much more than just moving.




10. USCC Branded Stainless Steel Mug

Unless your one of those people that likes a cold cup of coffee, a USCC branded tumbler is a no-brainer for cold winter months. This 30-ounce insulated mug, will keep your drink warm for up to six hours.




There you have it, 10 cargo control products that provide plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and beyond. Do the preparation work now and come Thanksgiving, you’ll have earned that nap, and maybe even an extra piece of pie.


How to Choose a Recovery Strap

Image of 4'x30" Recovery/Tow StrapApril showers may bring May flowers, and they can also bring lots of mud! It’s a good time to make sure you have a good working recovery strap if you’ll be traveling or working on wet, muddy fields or roads.

While traditional recovery straps and tow straps are not designed to be used interchangeably, US Cargo Control straps can be used for both, due to a unique mix of design features.

Recovery strap features

-Constructed of a rugged nylon webbing with a slight stretch so it can recover a stuck vehicle or tow a free-wheeling vehicle.

-Sewn-in loops offer much more flexibility than traditional tow straps that have hooks attached.

-Loops (also called eyes) are reinforced with CORDURA® fabric patches for an extra layer of protection at the points of wear.

-Available in a range in widths from 2″ to 12″, with break strengths from 20,000 lbs. to 400,000+ lbs.

-Our recovery straps are made in the USA, ensuring a guarantee of quality. 3218-recovery-straps-w-cordura-eyes-4-x30_3_640

How to connect a recovery strap

Screw pin anchor shackles are an easy way to connect and disconnect the strap to a vehicle for recovery applications. When choosing a shackle, be sure and take into consideration the working load limit (WLL)  of the shackle and the strap- whichever is the lesser value will be the work load limit for the entire assembly.

You can see our full selection of recovery tow straps here: Recovery Straps & Tow Straps

Choosing a strap can be confusing when trying to determine the strength that you need. Check out this video for a simple formula for determining the best strap for you needs. You can also always call our sales team for help: 866-444-9990.