New Products: Nylon Bridle Slings

bridle-sling-300x162-redOur nylon lifting slings category continues to expand with the most recent addition of 600+ new Nylon Bridle Slings.

A nylon bridle sling offer s both incredible strength and ease of use due to its light weight and ability to collapse for easy storage.

Other benefits include:

  • Four configurations available (single leg, double leg, triple leg, or quad leg) to meet a variety of applications.
  • The synthetic nylon is more flexible than chain or wire rope.
  • Quality hardware from Pewag ensures quality. Oblong links are manufactured in Grade 100 alloy steel; hooks are all in a Grade 80 alloy steel.
  • Each bridle sling leg stretches approximately 3% at rated capacity, helping to absorb shock during a lift.
  • Nylon fabric will not conduct electricity like a chain sling or wire rope sling.
  • Multiple leg design in the 2-, 3-, and 4-leg styles allow the bearing points to be rotated, which extends the sling’s working life.
  • Available in two different ply thickness.
  • The 2-, 3-, and 4-leg styles can be used in different hitches, offering excellent versatility.

We offer three end fittings online- oblong, hook, and sewn eye. Each sling also has a master oblong link. Two widths (1″ and 2″) and two ply options (1-ply and 2-ply) are also available for order online.

Other recent additions to the nylon sling category include Drum Slings and Drum Lifters, as well as a request quote form for Custom Boat Slings.

Like all of our nylon slings, our nylon web bridle slings are made in the USA.

If you don’t see the sling you need, give us a call. We’re always happy to customize a bridle web sling assembly to your specs. You can reach our lifting slings product team at 800-660-3585.

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Employee Recommendation: Nylon Lifting Slings

slingNylon lifting slings are extremely versatile products and some of our best-sellers. Sales Specialist Jon tells why in this video.

Click over to shop these specific categories of slings, and keep in mind that all of our slings are completely customizable. You can call Jon or reach any of our sales team members at 800-660-3585 to discuss options.


Expansion of Nylon Lifting Slings Selection Includes New Bridle Slings

Tim Guenther, CEO
Tim Guenther, CEO

A big goal we’ve initiated for 2013 is taking a good close look at all of our product categories. We want to be sure we are offering the products our customers need, at the best prices possible.

Our most recent overhaul was the updating of our nylon lifting slings. While we were already offering a wide selection of the most common lifting straps like eye & eye slings and endless slings, one area we were not covering was bridle slings.

An entire category of nylon bridle slings is now available, including single-leg, double-leg, triple-leg, and quad-leg options in a tough, durable nylon webbing.

A bridle nylon lifting slings offer some advantages over other types of lift slings because the leg design on the double, triple, and quad styles allow bearing points to be rotated with each use, extending the sling’s life. It also offers benefits in comparison to a similar lifting slings in wire rope or chain, since the fabric body offers more flexibility and is generally easier to handle. Nylon also stretches (each leg of the sling will stretch approximately 3% at rated capacity), which allows the sling to absorb shock and create a load distribution that’s more even.

Our bridle nylon lifting  slings are made in the USA and custom-made to your specifications so we ask that call our lifting sling sales team at 800-660-3585 to place an order.

Another new change to the nylon lifting slings page is the addition of a simple online form where you can request a price quote for a boat sling.

image of boat lifting slings order form

Find quote form here: Boat lift straps

Options such as keel pads, edge guard, and chine sleeves can be indicated, as well as sling length and weight requirements. Once submitted, a sales team member will contact you with a quote. Keep in mind that no boat is too big or too small, so feel free to call us whether need a single ply lift strap for a small boat like a kayak, or a thick 4-ply web sling for a travel lift or mobile boat hoist.

Our product lines are constantly evolving and we’re always interested in knowing what products our customers need. Leave us a comment below, email us at or give us a call toll free at 866-444-9990 and let us know what you’d like to see available on US Cargo Control.