Moving Pads

US Cargo Control offers a variety of quality moving pads to help you during your move. Our moving pads range from 43 pounds per dozen, up to 95 pounds per dozen, which gives you plenty of options. Moving pads come in black, blue, green, camo, or as a standard skin. With thousands of moving blankets and moving pads in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Moving Pads for Sale

US Cargo Control has moving pads for sale to help you with your moving needs.  Check our website,  and you’ll find three different qualities of moving pads for sale: a good blanket – perfect for one time movers; a better blanket – a middle of the road, mid-weight blanket; and a best blanket –  a heavyweight moving pad great for moving multiple times. Our best blankets are also ideal for moving companies or for someone who wants to put fragile items in storage without the risk of damage.   Each of our moving pads for sale measure 72″ x 80″, giving you plenty of protection.  US Cargo Control has all of these moving pads for sale in stock and ready to be ship.