7 Tips to Save You Time and Money for Your Next Move

Having the right moving and packing supplies could make you go from “I’m never moving again” to “that wasn’t a bad move!”

The life-changing moment is approaching. You’re moving into a new house with a clean slate and new experiences, and it’s exciting to see what’s around the corner! You’re figuring out what to pack or what furniture to bring in first so you have a comfortable spot to sit (or take a nap) in your new home.

We wish there is a button that you can press to skip to where you’ve already moved into your new house and everything’s unpacked. Luckily, there are a few ways to move faster and more efficiently.

Whether you’re a pro at moving or this is your first move, you need the right tools and preparation for a successful move. Fortunately, US Cargo Control is here to help you with what you need. Continue reading to learn 7 tips on how to save time and money for your next move.

Make a Day-By-Day Plan in Advance of the Move

Tips for Saving Money While Moving

There’s nothing better than the feeling of being productive! If you create a list of chores that you can break down into smaller tasks to do day by day, you’ll surely feel the power of progress. The sooner you do it, the less stress, last-minute complications, and extra expenses you won’t have to face.

Get Rid of Any Possessions You May Not Keep Anymore

It may seem the easy option to pack everything, but it will feel overwhelming and cluttered after you’ve moved all your items to your new place. Instead, get rid of items you probably aren’t going to use anymore which can then save you a ton of time and even money.

For example, will you be wearing all your clothes and shoes, or is it better to donate them or give them to someone who may need it? Consider this not only a move but a chance to freshen your life! Doing this now will make the transition easier and your new space will feel much more open and inviting.

Pack with the Best Moving Equipment from US Cargo Control

time-saving tips for your next move

You may think you need just boxes and tape for your move, but it goes beyond that. Having the right moving and packing supplies could make you go from “I’m never moving again” to “that wasn’t a bad move!” No matter how big or small the job is, our moving and packing supplies can make your move much more manageable.

If you need to cover your fridge, TV, or washer/dryer, we have a great selection of heavy-duty, premium moving blankets and furniture covers to protect your valuables and house. If you have a trailer or truck and need better securement, we highly recommend our E-Track Straps and E-Tracks that will safely and effectively hold down your items. When trying to lift a heavy item, don’t hurt your back and just use our hand trucks and moving dollies to “roll” your valuables to your new house.

Need the essentials for moving? Read 5 must-have moving supplies for every move.

Disassemble All Furniture and Beds

If you hire a moving company, we suggest disassembling all furniture items and beds for a smoother transition to your new home. Even though the movers can do it for you, this can save you time and money if you’re able to do it on your own. Plus, your moving company may appreciate the help as well.

Furniture and beds will need to be disassembled before being loaded into the truck. If you can do it before the movers arrive – this is less time they can spend doing that task at your home.

Organize and Place Belongings to a Central Location in the House

money-saving tips for your next move

Another time-saving approach is organizing and placing all your belongings in a central location. This can be your living room, basement, garage, etc in the house. Having one central location can be an easily accessible area for the movers to quickly work back and forth between the moving truck and your home. This will decrease the chance of movers having to spend a ton of time navigating through your home.

Prepare Your Meals in Advance 

We’ve all been there before, you unpack everything and you’re sitting on the floor of your new house with that good ol’ pizza. Although it’s nice to indulge in delicious, cheesy pizza every once in a while, eating takeout frequently can be money-draining.

Rather than spending a ton of money on food every single night for the next two weeks while unpacking and organizing, meal prep in advance! This can be simple as meal prepping in your old house so you can have extra meals, or enlisting in the help of a meal delivery service. Whatever it is, you’ll be saving a lot of money in return.

Get Help from Friends and Family

moving tips for your next move

Too much to pack? Need help moving that piece of bulky furniture? Get help from your friends and family by asking them if they can spare some time to help you sort, pack, or move. You’ll notice things will move faster with a few extra hands.

But only if you promise them some pizza and beer.

Need More Moving Tips?

Whatever the size of your move, the dedicated team at US Cargo Control is ready to help you save time, energy, and most of all, keep your items safe and secure during transit. So, when gearing up for your next move, make sure your plan includes a stop at US Cargo Control to stock up on these essentials and more!

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At US Cargo Control, we want you to have the highest quality products so you can get the job done. If you have any questions about our products, give our team a call at 866-444-9990.

8 Uses for Burlap Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control Burlap Moving Pad
Burlap Moving Pad, Large: 72″ x 80″

As one of the newer types of moving pads on the market,  burlap moving blankets are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide-ranging versatility that comes from combining two different fabrics in one blanket.

While moving blankets come in a wide range of quality levels – from a simple moving skin to the thick, high quality of a Supreme moving blanket, all of them typically have very similar fabric on both sides.

Burlap moleskin moving blankets are different in that they features two different fabrications: a more rugged burlap on one side and a soft cotton moleskin on the reverse. The double sided design makes it extremely useful in a variety of moving and storage applications (and it also explains why it’s sometimes called both a moleskin moving blanket and a burlap moving blanket).

Unlike a lightweight skin, it features a finished binding that adds durability and strength. Unlike a heavier cotton or cotton-blend moving pad, it’s more cost effective, lighter weight, and less likely to stain.MBBURLAP-Burlap-Moving-Blanket_2_640

Because this blanket can be used in so many different ways during a move or for storage, we’ve rounded up our top four uses:

1. Protect outdoor items. Even though you may think outdoor items like lawnmowers, garden decor, and patio furniture don’t need padding or protection during a move since they normally withstand harsh elements, don’t forget about protecting other items close by from scratches and scrapes. The burlap side offers just enough protection- without the loft (and expense) of higher-end moving blankets.

2. Create a protective foundation. Placing blankets on the floor of a truck bed or enclosed trailer before loading quickly and easily creates a lightweight yet durable layer to protect the floor and cargo from scratches should shifting occur during transit.

3. Take a seat. This style of blanket is excellent for protecting upholstered or leather seats in a vehicle. If you’re hauling box, a pet crate, or any other heavy item that could damage or stain interior fabrics,place a blanket on the seat first, moleskin side down.

4. Box filler. For large boxes that need a soft filler when moving, burlap blankets are ideal since they’re lighter in weight (and cheaper!) than heavy duty, all cotton pads. The wide weave of the burlap also makes it bend and fold easier than all cotton moving pads.

Moving truck

I’m done moving, now what?

The best thing about moving blankets is their endless uses for after the move, and the moleskin / burlap moving pad is no exception. Our mini list of uses includes:

5. Outdoor storage. Here in the Midwest where there’s four distinct seasons, we store away our motorcycles, bikes, water skis, and other outdoor warm weather toys during the winter. There’s no easier and cost-effective way to add a layer of protection than with a burlap /moleskin moving blanket.

6. Pet bedding in an outdoor shed or dog house. The burlap lays nicely on cement or dirt floors, while the moleskin side is soft, comfy, and warm for those 4-legged friends.

7. Boating, fishing, camping, and hunting. Fold it over so the soft side is on the outside and you’ve got a comfortable layer to sit on. The burlap won’t absorb water like an all-cotton or cotton/polyester blanket, so it’s much lighter in weight when wet and easier to handle. The burlap will also dry more quickly than a similar blanket made of only cotton or a cotton-blend. The smaller-sized, 54 x 72 size is perfect if space is tight.

8. Outdoor sporting event. Great for laying on the ground to sit on, or fold over a bleacher. Simply shake to clear debris or dirt.

Ready to order? You’ll find all of our moving blankets on our Moving Blankets & Moving Pads page.

Need help deciding which moving blanket will work for your situation? Call our dedicated sales team today: 800-989-4863.



Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of moving blankets to suit your needs. Three categories of moving blankets are available. They range from our “Good” blankets – made of non-woven polyester; to our “Better”  – made of a mixture of woven and non woven polyester. And finally, our “Best” moving blanket – a cotton and polyester blend for durability and protection. Whether you’re moving once, anticipate moving again, or even work for a moving or storage company, US Cargo Control is sure to have moving blankets that are right for you.

Moving blankets by category




All of our moving blankets are available in dozen bundles for the best value. They are also available in packs of four and can be purchased individually.

Black Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of black moving blankets to assist you in your move. Black moving blankets come in a variety of styles. For those who are only going to move once or twice, the Econo Mover is 54 lbs. per dozen and made out of Non-Woven poly fabric, making it perfect for those who are moving on a budget. Along those same lines is the Econo Deluxe. This mid weight blanket comes in at 65 lbs. per dozen. Its Non-woven poly fabric also makes it ideal for limited usage. For those who are moving multiple times or even own a moving company, the Performance or the Supreme blanket is the direction to go. The Performance black moving blanket is 75 lbs. per dozen. Its cotton/poly blend is softer to the touch and very durable for multiple uses. The Supreme moving blanket comes in at 95 lbs. per dozen, making it our best ultra heavyweight black moving blanket. This blanket is great for multiple moves and can even double as pet bedding or soundproofing uses. With thousands of black moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

Black moving blankets and moving supplies featured in this video:

Blankets for Moving

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of moving blankets. Whether you need blankets for moving furniture, protecting fragile items, or just extra protection for your walls and door jams, you’ll find the variety and quality you need from US Cargo Control. Each blanket measures 72″ x 80″ and is made of either non-woven polyester (the perfect blankets for moving once), woven polyester (great for multiple moves), or a cotton/poly blend (great blankets for moving multiple times, as well as other uses such as sound proofing, adding to a pet bed, etc.). With thousands of moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered.

Quilted Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a variety of quilted moving blankets to help you protect your belongings when moving or storing. Each blanket is 72″ x 80″ giving you plenty of coverage. Made of non-woven, woven, or cotton/polyester fabrics, these quilted moving blankets are great for the person who is moving once, or for the person who has many moves to come. These blankets come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, and camo. For those who do not need a quilted moving blanket, moving skins are also available. With thousands of quilted moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Blue Moving Blankets


Blue moving blankets from US Cargo Control come in a variety of weights to suit your moving needs. Each blue moving blanket measures 72″ x 80″ giving you plenty of coverage for your larger items. There are three categories of moving blankets: the “Good” category, “Better” category and “Best” category. Our good blankets include the 43 lb. per dozen Econo Saver. This blue moving blanket  is lightweight and made of non-woven fabric. A step up from that is the Mega Mover blue moving blanket which weighs in at 85 lbs. per dozen. This heavyweight blanket is made of woven polyester fabric. The blue moving blanket in the Best category is the Pro Mover. This heavyweight blanket weighs in at 82 lbs. per dozen and is made of a microfiber fabric with a woven polyester binding. Each category offers other blankets, with different weights and colors, including black, green, and camo. With thousands of moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

Packing Blankets

From our “Good” packing blankets – which offer three light to mid weight 72″x 80″ blankets, to our best packing blankets – which offer three mid- to heavy-weight 72″ x 80″ blankets, you’re sure to find the style that will fit your moving needs. Whether you’re moving once, or have a moving company, the quality and variety of packing blankets from US Cargo Control will get you moved. With thousands of packing blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

Movers Blankets

Movers blankets from US Cargo Control come in a 72″ x 80″ size and a variety of weights to provide protection and security during your move. Categorized as a “Good,”  “Better,” or “Best” blanket, there are plenty of options to assist in your one-time move, or if you need movers blankets for multiple moves. US Cargo Control’s Best movers blankets are not only great for protecting your furniture from getting dinged or scratched, but can also double as sound proofing material or pet bedding. Coming in one dozen bundles, four packs, or as singles, we have you covered. With thousands of movers blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Cargo Pads

Cargo pads from US Cargo Control are a great investment for moving your furniture and fragile items safely. US Cargo Control offers three qualities of cargo pads to help you in any situation. Our “Good” category is perfect for the one time mover. These lightweight blankets are made out of non-woven polyester fabric and have a non-woven binding. They are perfect for those moving on a budget but still need protection for their items. The “Better” category is good for someone who is moving once and wants extra padding for their belongings, or for someone who is going to move multiple times. These mid weight blankets are made out of a mixture of woven polyester and non-woven poly binding. The “Best” category of cargo pads is made from a cotton and polyester blend fabric and is perfect for moving companies or heavy usage. With thousands of cargo pads in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Cotton Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a variety of cotton moving blankets to help you with your move. Listed in our best category, these cotton/poly moving blankets are our heavyweight and most durable blankets. The Performance blanket is 75 lbs. per dozen, the Pro-Mover is 82 lbs. per dozen, and our Supreme cotton moving blanket comes in at 95 lbs. per dozen, making it our best blanket. This ultra heavyweight blanket is black on one side, white on the other, and can double as pet bedding or used for soundproofing. Each blanket is 72″ x80″ giving you plenty of coverage and protection. With thousands of moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

Furniture Pads

Furniture pads from US Cargo Control come in a variety of styles. Sized at 72″ x 80″ these furniture pads (also known as moving blankets) give you plenty of coverage to protect your belongings when moving. With three different quality options to choose from, you can go with one from our “best” heavy-duty furniture pad categories to protect your furniture, or choose one of our “good” furniture pads, which will help you protect your belongings without costing as much. More economical options are also available in our “good” section, as well as our moving skins.

With thousands of furniture pads / moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help with your moving needs.