Horizontal E-track vs. Vertical E-track

There’s no question that e-track can add incredible versatility to an enclosed trailer, van trailer, truck or flatbed trailer. By creating numerous tie-down points, you can safely secure and haul a variety of cargo- from motorcycles and ATVs to pallets and construction supplies. But what are the differences between horizontal E track and vertical E track and which is the best choice for your needs?


Vertical E-track

visual of vertical e-track

Vertical e-track has rectangular slots that run parallel with the e-track rail. Vertical e-track is commonly used in van trailers and is an excellent way to provide a support system for shoring beams (or “decking beams”), which creates a second level for cargo. Compared to horizontal e-track, vertical e-track has a narrower profile and permits d-rings to be mounted perpendicular to the floor.

Our vertical E-track is sold in 5′ sections.


Horizontal E-track

Visual of horizontal e-track

Horizontal e-track has rectangular slots that run perpendicular (at 90 degree angles) to the track rail, which provides more anchor points per foot.

Horizontal etrack installed on the walls of a trailer gives you not only anchor points for tie-downs, but also allows you to secure equipment such as spare tires or other objects flat against the wall.

Our horizontal E-track is sold in 2′, 5′, 8′ and 10′ sections.

Both horizontal etrack and vertical etrack are available in galvanized steel and a dark green powder-coat finish, and can be mounted on the floor or bed of a trailer as well as on the walls of enclosed trailers and cargo vans.

Although the profile of each styles differs slightly, our e track fittings, e-track tie downs, wood end sockets, etc., will fit in both styles. The only exception is our plastic end caps for e-track, which will work only for horizontal track.

So which e-track is right for your job? The type of cargo (size, weight, amount, etc.) you intend to transport should be the primary factor in choosing either vertical e-track or horizontal e-track.

E Track: Not Just For The Truck or Trailer Any More

If you aren’t aware of the versatility of E-track, a quick search of this blog can get you started. It’s great for securing motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors, pallets- just about anything once you install it in the back of a pickup truck, on a flatbed trailer, or in an enclosed trailer.

But have you thought about the many uses for etrack around the garage, storage shed, barn, or worksite? This handy track and the various options of straps and end fittings make this system an invaluable tool for many non-transporting uses.

In the garage, install an 8′ length of e-track along wall studs. Image of painted etrack tie down with o-ringStock up on fittings like an E track tie down with O-ring as well as S hooks, and you’ve got an easy way to hang everything from tools to lawn trimming equipment to sporting goods.

In a storage shed, install two lengths of vertical e-track and add a wood end socket. A simple 1″x6″ lumber piece creates a spot to place a sheet of plywood to create instant decking to maximize your space.

Image of vertical etrack with shoring beamsFor a similar set-up with the ability to handle heavier loads, use an adjustable shoring beam instead of a 1″x6″; our 85″ adjustable aluminum shoring beam extends to 95″ and has a work load limit of 2,200 lbs. for shoring and decking applications.



In a barn or stable, e-track singles or 2′ horizontal e track can come in handy since their small size makes them simple to install nearly anywhere.

Image of horizontal E-track with two rope tie off fittings

Insert a rope tie off into an e-track single or 2′ track and you instantly have a D ring to loop a rope, twine, etc. through securely. This handy assembly can hold doors open, secure animal leads, hold feed bags or bins against the wall when paired with a rubber tarp strap– the uses are endless.

On the worksite, install horizontal e-track along the wall if you have items such as panels, Image of horizontal e-track lumber, tires, ladders, etc. that lean against the wall. Securing these items to the wall is easy with the wide variety of sizes and styles of E-track ratchet straps and cam straps that are available. Add plastic end caps and you’ve got a safe, versatile storage spot.

An e-track single or smaller length of 2′ E-track is also handy for mounting to utility carts like those used in a warehouse for smaller scale securing an hauling jobs. Pick up the 2′ galvanized e track if your equipment will be outside and exposed to the elements.