Customer Photos: Adjustable Shoring Beams

image of shorting beams from USCargoControl.comWade sent us these photos showing how he used two of our 92″ adjustable aluminum shoring beams and horizontal e-track to create an elevated open loft area in his enclosed trailer. He spaced the beams to accommodate extra tires for his stock car, freeing up valuable floor space in the 28 foot long trailer.

“Before adding the shoring beams, I couldn’t carry as many tires as I would have liked on race day because they would take up too much room on the floor.”image of shoring beam load bars from

Shoring beams and E-track offer endless options for controlling cargo and making the very best use of space. While the beams create an extra space for holding tires, Wade says they also come in handy for securing gear: “I can roll in a portable tire rack and secure it to keep it from moving, and can also strap the hydraulic floor jack handle to the beam as well.”

image of shoring beams

Wade says the versatility of the E-track is what sold him on the system: “The great thing about the E Track is the adjustability. Now for storing the car for winter I have a storage rack in front of the car and behind it to make the best use of the space.”

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Load Bars for Trucks and Trailers

If installing e-track and shoring beams is not option in your trailer or truck, a ratcheting load bar is another choice. Load bars (also sometimes called cargo bars), are a great for sectioning space in a trailer or truck.

image of load bars for trucks

Designed in a heavy duty metal, rubber pads on each end grip the wall to keep the bar in place. A ratcheting device lets you set it to the desired tension.

Two sizes are available:

Other accessories available include replacement Cargo Bar Feet  sold in singles or in 2-packs: Cargo Bar Feet  2-pack.

Another handy device is a Cargo Bar Holder which easily installs on the wall of the trailer or van. It holds two load bars securely in place when not in use.

If you’re using more than one load bar in a van or enclosed trailer, check out Charlie’s tips on how to best ratchet the bar to keep it secure.

If you have questions about any of our load bars or other van trailer products, give us a call at 866-444-9990, we’ll be glad to help!