Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of moving blankets to suit your needs. Three categories of moving blankets are available. They range from our “Good” blankets – made of non-woven polyester; to our “Better”  – made of a mixture of woven and non woven polyester. And finally, our “Best” moving blanket – a cotton and polyester blend for durability and protection. Whether you’re moving once, anticipate moving again, or even work for a moving or storage company, US Cargo Control is sure to have moving blankets that are right for you.

Moving blankets by category




All of our moving blankets are available in dozen bundles for the best value. They are also available in packs of four and can be purchased individually.

Blankets for Moving

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of moving blankets. Whether you need blankets for moving furniture, protecting fragile items, or just extra protection for your walls and door jams, you’ll find the variety and quality you need from US Cargo Control. Each blanket measures 72″ x 80″ and is made of either non-woven polyester (the perfect blankets for moving once), woven polyester (great for multiple moves), or a cotton/poly blend (great blankets for moving multiple times, as well as other uses such as sound proofing, adding to a pet bed, etc.). With thousands of moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered.