Hump Straps Help Prevent Moving Injuries

Heavy Duty 4-Ply Burlap Lifting Strap - 4'' x 15'
Heavy Duty 4-Ply Burlap Lifting Strap – 4” x 15′

Moving heavy boxes and furniture can be especially straining on the shoulders, neck and knees. In an effort to spare some of those important muscle groups and joints, movers will use a handy tool called a hump strap. A hump strap is a special lifting strap designed to help carry heavy or awkward loads.

To use a hump strap, or lifting strap, simply wrap the strap around the load, then hoist it onto your back. You should have the ends of the straps wrapped around your forearms and hands. With the help of the hump strap, you are engaging larger muscle groups to take on the brunt of the heavy lifting, instead of straining or injuring smaller muscle groups. This technique is especially helpful if you are lifting awkward, heavy items often.

At US Cargo Control, we sell a 4-ply burlap, 4”x 15′ hump strap. It features excellent strength and easy grip.

Our employees like to have a little fun with our products. Watch the video below to see a little “hump day” fun with the hump strap.