How to Get Your Trailer Motorcycle Ready

black motorcycle wheel chock

US Cargo Control offers a variety of tie-down systems so you can haul just about anything. If you’re planning to spend your summer on the road with your motorcycle we have a system that will work great for you.

TrackStar L-track Motorcycle Chock
TrackStar L-track Motorcycle Chock

Our TrackStar L-track Motorcycle Chock includes everything you’ll need to install the chock on a trailer or truck bed. The bundle includes a wheel chock, 8” long L-track, flathead phillips screws, nylock nuts and flat fender washers. To install the track, line-up the two nuts on the base plate with two holes on the track and push down. This will make the plunger mechanism pop-up. Then, slide it forward until the plunger sinks and locks the wheel chock in place. To remove, pull the plunger up and slide back until the wheel chock releases from the track. Keep in mind, standard L-track does not work with the TrackStar motorcycle wheel chocks. You will need to use USCC Extra 8” L-Track Kit if you want the ability to move the wheel chock to a different location on the trailer. Be sure to shop our entire line of motorcycle straps to find the right tie-down accessories for your bike. We offer a variety of colored straps to coordinate with your motorcycle.

Watch the video below to learn how to install the L-track and chocks onto a trailer.