How to Choose Fasteners When Installing E-track

image of galvanized e-track

We’ve posted a how to install e-track video, but how do you know which fasteners to choose for attaching e-track? There are three common types of fastening systems for e track:


Uses a nut and bolt system and creates the best hold. This is typically used in the floor, where a nut, bolt and washer on the underside will not be an issue.

The 1/4″ diameter bolt is available in two sizes: 1-1/2″ hex bolt and a 2″ hex bolt.

Self-drilling tip screws

image of self-taping screws
Hex head makes it easier to drive without slippage. A self-drilling tip means you won’t have to pre-drill holes in most metal surfaces.

Available in two sizes: 1-1/2″ hex screw and a 2″ hex screw.

Wood screws

image of wood screws for E-track

A hex head lessens the change of slippage while driving and the wide washer head creates excellent holding power.

Available in a 3/4″ wood screw and 1-1/2″ wood screw.

Check out this video for more in-depth information about fastening e-track to a trailer: