How to Install E-Track in a Trailer

Its always important to install E-Track right where it needs to be…but where is that?

Etrack comes in many different sizes (singles, 2′, 5′, 8′ and 10 feet), as well as painted or galvanized.  When putting e-track in a trailer, it is best to find the wall studs – same applies if you are mounting it on the floor.

Mark the studs with a marker or pencil and then you can attach your e-track to the wall/floor.  We have found #14 self tapping screws are great if you are attaching via the studs.  1/4″ bolts with nuts and washer work best if drilling through a thick plywood floor.

So, if you want to install Etrack in a trailer – you will usually use two rows on the sidewall.  It is not necessary to to put e-track all the way to the corner if your trailer, it can save a few bucks and you will not use it most of the time.