College Moving Tips: How to Move like a Professional Mover

Families move their college students into campus dorms.

If you have a college bound kid you can expect quite a few moves in the near future. We aren’t just talking about the initial move into the dorm either. Some college students move every year of their college career, frequently switching out spaces and roommates.

You might as well stock-up on a few moving essentials now, so you are prepared for current and future moves.

Should I Hire a Moving Company?

You could, but it isn’t likely your child has enough items to really make it worth your while. Instead, we recommend purchasing a few essential moving supplies (that the pros use) to make your child’s first adult move quick and easy.

Roommates arrange and assemble their new dorm room.
Roommates arrange and assemble their new dorm room.

Moving Essentials 

Moving into the dorm is the easiest move you’ll make. Most of the heavy lifting is done for you. Beds, dressers and desks are most likely included in your room fee. However, you may be lugging large electronics like a new TV, futon, microwave and mini-fridge. The following items will make your move even more simple:

A hand truck will make moving furniture and boxes a breeze. The luxury of wheels will minimize heavy lifting, reducing your risk of injury and fatigue.

Basic Steel Hand Truck
Basic Steel Hand Truck
Forearm Forklift Moving Straps

Moving straps help distribute the weight of big objects more evenly, again reducing the risk of muscle strain. Straps like the TeamStrap, Forearm Forklift and Shoulder Dolly are designed for two people to use and lift big items. Those straps force you to using larger muscle groups, which will free up your hands to better control that runaway mini-fridge avoiding damage to appliances and furniture.

Pro Mover moving blankets

Avoid hauling big boxes and pre-assemble furniture, like that new futon or shelf, before you go. This is a great option if you have a pickup truck or trailer handy for the move. After assembly, you’ll need to wrap the furniture in moving blankets or pads to keep it safe during transit. The blankets can be used for other bulky items or as packaging material as well. Carrying wrapped items inside will also help you avoid nicking the walls. This tip may sound like a hassle at first, but it will save you time the day of the move – freeing up the afternoon for a leisurely lunch, campus tour or any last minute shopping trips — like to the university book store where you can purchase that cheesy “proud parent” sweatshirt that’s sure to embarrass your college freshman.

Reusable Supplies  

 It may seem like overkill to stock up on professional moving supplies when your child is making a relatively minor move into the dorms – but remember off campus living is coming. That move will require much heavier lifting as you’ll be furnishing an apartment or house where an elevator will likely not be accessible. Having these few items on hand will make many moves on and off campus that much easier.

Vehicle Shipment 

Some families don’t want their child driving long distances to get back to school. Shipping the vehicle might actually be a smart option to avoid an expensive gas bill, tolls and long days on the road. Especially if your college student has a bit of an unreliable car.