New Products: 3″ Ratchet Straps & 4″ Ratchet Straps

4" Ratchet Strap with D-ring from US Cargo Control
4″ Ratchet Strap with D-ring

Our selection of tie down straps continues to grow, this time in our 3″ ratchet straps and 4″ ratchet straps categories.

We’ve added more than 100 new straps in four different color choices (blue, red, green, and yellow) and a range of lengths. End fittings include wire J-hooks, chain extensions, and flat hooks. Our 4″ ratchet straps are also available with D-ring fittings.

Benefits of our 3″ ratchet strap and 4″ ratchet strap

Stronger webbing

Our 3″ tie downs are manufactured with a polyester webbing that has a break strength of 20,000 lbs., which is usually only found in 4″ straps. This means you get the webbing strength and abrasion-resistance in a slimmer, less bulky tie down.

Need a 4″ ratchet strap with even more strength? Check out our line of heavy duty BlackLine 4″ ratchet straps, which are manufactured with a 24K webbing.

3″ x 40′ Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks from US Cargo Control
3″ x 40′ Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks

Color choices

3″ Ratchet Strap with Wire Hooks

While yellow is the traditional color for ratchet straps and other tie downs, we also stock green, red, and blue straps. These are perfect if you’d like to coordinate them with the colors of a truck, or a company logo for a professional look. Our 4″ straps are also available in the gray/black combination of our BlackLine straps. Custom colors are also available by calling our sales team.

4" Chain Extension Ratchet Straps with Grade 70 Transport Chain
4″ Chain Extension Ratchet Straps with Grade 70 Transport Chain


Flat hooks have a powder coat finish and a defender at the slot opening. This design protects the webbing at the point of contact, which reduces wear and tear and increases the working life of the tie down.

Wire hooks are extremely versatile because their slimmer profile can be used in a variety of tie down points- even those where a traditional flat hook won’t fit.

Chain extensions are manufactured with grade 70 transport chain for exceptional strength.

 A D-ring option on our 4″ ratchet straps are also excellent for easily and quickly attaching the strap to nearly any type of hook installed on the wall or floor of a trailer. D-rings are forged for long life and high strength.

Our ratchet assemblies feature a handle that’s slightly longer and wider so it’s easier to grip and more comfortable when ratcheting into place. All of our metal hardware pieces- including the ratchets- have a yellow zinc coating for protection from weathering.

Custom ratchet straps are always an option.
Custom ratchet straps are always an option.

We’re happy to be able to offer a wider selection of products, and always welcome suggestions from our customers. And as with all of our tie downs, custom straps are always available, whether it be a special length, color, ratchet style, or hooks. Give our sales team a call at 866-444-9990 to learn more or to place an order. 

US Cargo Control Now Offering Customized Moving Pads

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Tent Straps Get Style Updates

Image of tent ratchet strap / tent strap from US Cargo Control
1″ x 12′ Tent Strap w/ Bull Nose Snap Hook & Double Bar D Ring

Just in time for outdoor events/parties season, our line of tent straps has been updated with some great features and new sizes and styles.

White zinc hardware

We know presentation is important in the event tent/party tent industry, so updating our straps with sleek-looking white zinc hardware was an easy decision. The combination of white webbing and white zinc results in a coordinated, professional appearance. Tent straps with yellow zinc are still available by special order; just give our sales team a call at 866-444-9990.

Ratchet covers

Tent straps with covers that conceal the ratchet hardware is another way to create a clean, professional look. The covers are made of a lightweight vinyl to provide coverage without bulk. All of our styles online are available with or without ratchet covers:

tent ratchet strap from
2″ x 15′ Tent Strap w/ Vinyl-Covered Ratchet & Wire Hooks

New styles

As we updated styles with the new hardware and cover options, we also added new strap configurations and hardware options, including straps fitted with a forged bull nose snap hook for superior strength.

Custom sizes and styles available

As with all of our ratchet straps and other tie downs, customization is always an option. Need a longer length, shorter length, or different hardware on the end or both ends? Give us a call; with our in-house manufacturing, we can create just what you need.

We can even create a sample of a custom strap first, so you can see just what you’re getting before you place an order.

Special bulk pricing options

Our in-house manufacturing also allows for bulk pricing on large orders. Give us a call for more information or to let us create a quote for you. 866-444-9990.

 New accessories

We’ve also added some new coordinating items for ratchet tent straps, including tent stakes, and white bungee balls in three different sizes:

image of ball bungees from US Cargo Control
11″ White Ball Bungee


New Products: Drum Handling Equipment

We’ve recently added a new category of drum handling equipment  to our expanding line of lifting slings.

A drum sling is an easy and efficient way to move a 55 gallon drum. Constructed of nylon webbing (either 1″ or 2″ wide), it can have either a harness design or hooks to hold the drum, while the top sling portion easily attaches to a forklift, crane, etc.


Vertical Drum Sling w/Harness

image of drum handling equipment from US Cargo Control

Vertical Drum Sling w/Barrel Hooks

image of drum handling equipment from US Cargo Control

Drum handler or drum lifters are additional terms used for this type of equipment, but those are generally manufactured in chain or metal. The benefit of nylon webbing over traditional 55 gallon drum handling equipment is its lightweight design makes it easy to use and easy to store when not in use. Nylon also offers subtle stretch to conform to the load and added maneuverability.

Web slings can also be extremely versatile, as the drum lifts with barrel hooks can be made with longer-length webbing and used in a horizontal configuration as well. The design of the harness sling allows the operator to pour contents from a ribbed barrel.

While drum slings and harnesses are most commonly found in manufacturing settings, these benefits also make nylon drum handling slings extremely useful on the farm, at the dock, warehouse, etc. And because they’re custom-made to your specifications, we can create the best sling for your application. Each drum lifter sling is manufactured with an ID tag showing rated capacities to make it easy to follow safe lifting guidelines.

Not sure what size or style would work best? Give our sales team a call at 800-660-3585.  they’ll be happy to help.

To see our entire line of lifting slings, click over to our Lifting Slings & Rigging Slings page.

US Cargo Control Team Welcomes Governor Branstad

image of Tim Guenther,
Tim Guenther,
President & CEO

We were thrilled to recently welcome a special guest to tour our US Cargo Control facilities. Iowa governor Terry Branstad visited our office and warehouse at the end of February.

A group of local residents invited the governor to come and see the growth we’ve experienced over the past year with the development of our tie down straps manufacturing division.

Governor Branstad toursour warehouse area
Governor Branstad tours
our warehouse area

Governor Branstad’s visit was an exciting way to highlight the one year mark of our sewing and assembly group. In early 2013, we began our operation with just a few employees and minimal equipment. Now, 14 months later, we’ve added 50 people to our staff, and manufacture thousands of ratchet straps, cam straps, and other tie downs each day.

SewingWe knew the benefits of this venture would be huge since we could now better control the quality of our products, as well as better control the timeline of offering new products to our customers. But the opportunity to create jobs for local residents right here in our community has been one of the most rewarding.2M3A1835

Having the governor come and take note of what we’re accomplishing was an excellent confirmation that we’re doing the right things- for our customers, our employees, our community, and our economy.


New Products: L-Track

ltrackmain-application-bannerWe’re thrilled to now be offering more than 100 new L-track tie down rails, kits, and accessories.

If you’re not familiar with L-track, it’s time to become acquainted. These tie down rails are easily installed in a truck to create a truck bed rail system, on a motorcycle trailer, inside a utility trailer- nearly anywhere you need to add spots to anchor a tie down strap, bungee cord, etc.

While it may be confused with the more widely-known E-track, there are some key differences:

  • Narrow, higher profile so it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Available in recessed and angled styles to make it even more inconspicuous.
  • Can be installed horizontally or vertically. E-track is designed specifically for one installation or the other.
  • Available in single point style, which make great truck tie down anchors in pickup truck beds, or smaller trailers.
  • Colored options are available to coordinate with cycles, ATVs, straps, etc.

Is it L-track, airline track, or logistic track?

L-track is also known by several other names, which can cause some confusion. It’s sometimes called airline track or seat track because of its use in the airline industry as track to secure seats inside aircraft. It’s also popular as a wheelchair tie down in commercial vehicles like buses and vans due to its strength and its low, inconspicuous design.

The term logistic track is really just a catch-all name for all types of tie down rails, including E-track, A-track (similar in style to E-track), and F track (looks like a hybrid of E-track and L-track, with a flat profile and small, round holes).

Types of L-track rails

l-track-red-table-headerColored L-track. These aluminum powder coated pieces come in colors to match popular motorcycle and ATV brand colors: red (Honda), blue (Yamaha), orange (Harley-Davidson and KTM), and green (Kawasaki), as well as aluminum and black. Olive is also available to coordinate with camo or military themes. Choose from several styles, ranging from single anchor points to full-length rails. Stud fittings are also painted to match. Looking for a motorcycle tie down system or an ATV tie down system? We offer several all-inclusive kits on our Motorcycle Tie Down Systems page. Don’t forget to check out our selection of motorcycle straps for use as motorcycle or ATV tie downs.


20870-6-aircraft-style-seat-airline-track_1_375Aircraft style seat track. This is the strongest line we sell, in a heavy-duty  6351-T6 aluminum for superior corrosion resistance.  It features a heftier width (1-3/8″) and height (1/2″) than our regular colored L-track, and comes in full 6′ and 12′ lengths (which can be cut to size). It accepts all of our L-track tie down system accessories, including single and double fittings, and aircraft seat track cover.


42499-12-airline-track-style-angled-track-aluminum_1_375Angled L-track. Angled L-track differs from regular L-track in profile: the sloping edges offer the benefit of a smoother ride when crossing over track installed on the floor of the trailer or truck. This is a great choice for not only securing motorcycles and ATVs, it’s also ideal for use in a delivery truck, van trailer, etc., where items are frequently rolled in and out.




Recessed L-track.  Recessed L-track is just that- it’s installed in a recessed manner to create a smoother, more flat surface that makes it easy for rolling cargo over. It has a clean, flanged design and like all of our L-track, has pre-drilled holes for easy installation. Recessed L-track is popular in commercial vehicles like buses and vans for wheelchair securement, but it’s important to note that ours is meant only for recreational vehicle tie down use.


Not sure which L-track products you need for your tie down applications? Give our sales team a call at 866-444-9990- they’re always happy to help.



Going Places: Now Offering Canadian Shipping

4026428354_495d99ea80_oLast week was an exciting one here at US Cargo Control. After weeks of planning and preparation, we launched our new Canadian shipping program:  EZ Ship Canada.

Because the duties and tariffs issues associated with shipping out of the country can get complicated, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our customers. Another goal in the creation of EZ Ship Canada was to make shipping fast and easy to track.


  • A simple, one-rate final price at the checkout is what you pay. All customs fees (duties, tariffs, and taxes) are all included, so there are no hidden charges or extra handling fees after you check out.
  • During checkout, currency is automatically converted when your credit card is processed. For returns, refunds based on the conversion cost at the time of the return.
  • Some items may be stocked by our vendors. Please allow up to two additional business days for drop ship item delivery.
  • Shipping is also fast, with expedited packages arriving in 2-3 days and ground packages in 4-12 days. Some items may be stocked by our vendors, which will require another 2 business days for delivery. See map below.
  • Because we consolidate Canadian shipments together to provide lower cost shipping options, tracking numbers will not show movement until shipments reach Canada. Once they have reached Canada, packages can be tracked more closely.
Joe Rauch, Freight and Customs Specialist
Joe Rauch, Freight and Customs Specialist

Our Fright and Customs Specialist, Joe Rauch, says the biggest challenge in creating the Canadian shipping program was determining shipping codes for our 5,000+ products, but that the process has been worth the time and effort.

“We’ve had a goal for some time now to be able to connect with Canadian customers and offer them products that are sometimes difficult to find in Canada,” said Rauch.

“Our prices, products, and service are really second to none in the industry, so we’re thrilled to have this opportunity to reach new customers.”


New 2″ Ratchet Straps Now Available


Have you checked out our 2″ ratchet straps page recently? We’ve not only added 150 new 2″ ratchet straps, we’ve also created several new categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Our larger categories such as flat hook ratchet straps– are now also in an easy-to-use list and color buttons take you right to other color options.

Most of the product additions come from new colors and lengths, but we’ve also added new fittings and ratchet options based on the suggestions we hear from our customers.

2″ Stainless Steel Ratchet Strap
image of military straps from US Cargo Control
2″ Military Ratchet Strap

Stainless steel ratchet straps and military ratchet straps are two examples. We’re happy to be able to offer customers what they need.

Our new sewing and assembly department is also playing a big part in this overhaul of the 2″ tie downs category. Because we’re building our straps on-site and not having to import them from China, we’re able to offer a wider variety of options, with absolute quality guaranteed.

This major 2″ ratchet straps re-vamp is just the beginning of new products we’ll be adding to our overall tie down category. Next up: more endless ratchet straps and new l-track / logistic track products.

Let us  know what products you’d like to see us add to the website. Reply here, shoot us an email at: or give us a call: 866-444-9990 (toll-free).

Expansion of Nylon Lifting Slings Selection Includes New Bridle Slings

Tim Guenther, CEO
Tim Guenther, CEO

A big goal we’ve initiated for 2013 is taking a good close look at all of our product categories. We want to be sure we are offering the products our customers need, at the best prices possible.

Our most recent overhaul was the updating of our nylon lifting slings. While we were already offering a wide selection of the most common lifting straps like eye & eye slings and endless slings, one area we were not covering was bridle slings.

An entire category of nylon bridle slings is now available, including single-leg, double-leg, triple-leg, and quad-leg options in a tough, durable nylon webbing.

A bridle nylon lifting slings offer some advantages over other types of lift slings because the leg design on the double, triple, and quad styles allow bearing points to be rotated with each use, extending the sling’s life. It also offers benefits in comparison to a similar lifting slings in wire rope or chain, since the fabric body offers more flexibility and is generally easier to handle. Nylon also stretches (each leg of the sling will stretch approximately 3% at rated capacity), which allows the sling to absorb shock and create a load distribution that’s more even.

Our bridle nylon lifting  slings are made in the USA and custom-made to your specifications so we ask that call our lifting sling sales team at 800-660-3585 to place an order.

Another new change to the nylon lifting slings page is the addition of a simple online form where you can request a price quote for a boat sling.

image of boat lifting slings order form

Find quote form here: Boat lift straps

Options such as keel pads, edge guard, and chine sleeves can be indicated, as well as sling length and weight requirements. Once submitted, a sales team member will contact you with a quote. Keep in mind that no boat is too big or too small, so feel free to call us whether need a single ply lift strap for a small boat like a kayak, or a thick 4-ply web sling for a travel lift or mobile boat hoist.

Our product lines are constantly evolving and we’re always interested in knowing what products our customers need. Leave us a comment below, email us at or give us a call toll free at 866-444-9990 and let us know what you’d like to see available on US Cargo Control.




US Cargo Control attends TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Annual Meeting

image of moving supplieAs a preferred vendor for moving company TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® (TMAAT), we’ve had the great opportunity to meet many of the TMAAT franchise owners at the company’s annual meeting. This year, our very own Sarah Fare, VP Business Development, and Sarah Watson, Moving Supplies Sales Specialist for US Cargo Control, even made an appearance in the TMAAT video from the show held in March in Jacksonville, Florida:



US Cargo Control became a preferred level vendor for TMAAT in February 2012. A preferred level vendor is a unique relationship that allows franchise owners to purchase moving supplies from US Cargo Control at special prices. We benefit by receiving valuable feedback from franchisees about our products, and how we can make them even better. An example: we redesigned and began offering more styles of moving dollies, based on information we gained from the TMAAT professional movers using our moving dollies and hand trucks. We’ve also added many products, such as neoprene floor runners and piano moving supplies, and even created an entire new category of moving company supplies based on what we’re hearing from TMAAT.

Says Fare: “With the feedback we’ve heard from the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise owners, we’ve been able to really focus on making our moving supplies category the very best it can be. It’s been an exciting partnership so far, and we look forward to continuing to expand our great working relationship.”


Whether we’re working with large moving companies like TMAAT or hearing from DIY movers, our goal is to help our customers find the moving supplies they need. If you’re looking for a particular product for moving but don’t see it on our website, let us know and we’ll try our best to find it. Give us a call at 800-867-1210 and let us help you today.

US Cargo Control Begins Product Sewing and Assembly Operations

Tim Guenther, CEO
Tim Guenther, CEO

2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year at US Cargo Control, as we expand our business to include the sewing and assembly of tie-down related products here on site in Iowa.

A little background: we launched the website in 2005, selling a line of ratchet straps for the cargo control industry. Over the next eight years, we expanded  the website, adding more categories and products, but tie down straps have always remained a top seller for us.

Last year we saw an opportunity to build assemblies like ratchet straps and cam straps for the US Cargo Control brand rather than outsourcing those products from China. A new warehouse addition was completed in December, and we purchased sewing machines and additional equipment. The new department has been operating since February and we’re already preparing to take on additional volume.

The expansion has been slow so we can ensure our product and safety standards have been met each step of the way, but the process has been a rewarding one. Adding these capabilities allows us to better control quality in house, offer a wider selection to you, our customers, and get those products available to you more quickly. We’ve really enjoyed the challenge of creating this new department and processes, and we’re very happy to be able to bring jobs back to the USA.

As of today, we currently have seven employees on the manufacturing team and have plans to hire another eight part-time employees so we can continue to expand the department. It has been extremely rewarding to see this team grow and tackle challenges. The new capabilities are just a part of what is propelling growth for US Cargo Control; we’re excited to see what the future holds.



New Website Pages for Wire Rope and Winch Strap Products

We’ve been doing a little work on our website, with a goal of making it easier for customers to choose exactly what they need. Some products are available in so many sizes and configurations it can be difficult to wade through them all to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our winch straps and wire rope categories were the first to be updated.

Winch straps are now first narrowed down by color selection (yellow, blue, red, green), then by hardware type (flat hook, wire hook, etc.). There is also still an option to shop for truck winches by sizes as well, with links that show all 4″ winch straps, 3″ winch straps, and 2″ winch straps.

 image of winch straps page


Our wire rope category was also redesigned to make it easier to shop, and we also added some new categories cable wire products:

• 6×26 Impact Swaged Wire Rope (Spin Resistant)

• 6×21 Bright Wire Fiber Core (Drill Line)

• 6×7 Bright Wire Fiber Core (Sand Line)

• 19×19 Compacted Bright Wire Rope EIPS IWRC (Spin Resistant)


image of wire rope page


Look for more re-designed pages and new products coming soon!

Is there anything else we can do to make shopping on USCC easier? Please comment below or send us an email at