5 Moving Day Must-Haves

May is National Moving Month, when thousands of Americans will be packing up their belongings and moving to a new home. Whether it’s due to a job change, a school change or just the desire for a change of scenery, moving is exciting but also a lot of work. If you choose to go the do-it-yourself route and pack and move everything yourself, consider investing in these must-haves to ensure the move goes smoothly:

4-wheel dolly

A moving dolly is a great way to move large, heavy items. With a capacity of 800 lbs., even our most basic carpeted moving dolly is no lightweight. The best part? Moving dollies can be extremely useful even after the move: when it’s time to move a heavy tool box in the garage, re-locate potted plants from the patio, etc.

Hand truck

A hand truck is worth the investment because it’s an easy way to move multiple boxes at once, cutting down on trips to and from the moving truck. Our selection of hand trucks offers a wide range of styles and prices for every budget. Like a 4-wheel moving dolly, a hand truck can be a great piece of equipment to have even after the move: keep it in the garage, shed or barn and use it to move large garbage cans, boxes of holiday decorations, etc.

Moving straps

Moving straps are a fantastic moving tool that many people don’t know about. These handy straps are a great way to move large, odd-shaped items or furniture or appliances that can be hard to grab hold of and maintain a good grip. We carry the three most popular styles: Team Strap, Forearm Forklift and the Shoulder Dolly moving strap. All are similar in design in that they take the strain off your back and neck when lifting, but all attach and work slightly different. After the move, they fold up for storage so they don’t take a lot of room.

Special purpose moving boxes

Boxes are obviously a must-have for moving, but we suggest picking up some special purpose boxes for two reasons:  they make packing easier, saving time searching for just the right size box; and they can safeguard your more expensive items from dings and scratches. Our favorites include boxes for TVsmoving boxes for glasses (which includes partitions)  and lamp moving boxes (which are also great for rugs, toys, garage tools, etc.).

Moving blankets

Moving blankets or pads are another essential you may think you don’t need, but the investment is definitely worth it. Throw them over furniture to protect the fabric, over appliances to prevent scratches and dings, around odd shaped items that won’t fit in a box, and more (be sure to pick up some  extra large rubber bands to keep them in place). Moving blankets are also helpful beyond moving day: keep one in the car to have for the kids’ outdoor sporting activities- they make the grass less itchy and the bleachers less hard!; line a kennel or dog house for a little cushioning for the family pet; throw one in with the camping gear for an extra layer on the tent floor or when sitting around the camp fire.

Moving day must-haves are sure to make the moving job easier and faster so you can begin enjoying your new home sooner.

Moving Dolly Strength Test

Heavy duty moving dollies by US Cargo Control are rated for 800 pound capacity. But we wondered what would happen if more than 3 times that weight was set on it. Would they hold up? Would the swivel wheels collapse or the wood frame snap? We set out to learn and document that process.

The Weight:  Transport Chain
US Cargo Control stocks a large quantity of Grade 70 chain, so we took a pallet of 3/8″ X 20′ chain – weighing in 2,548 lbs – and set it on our sturdy little appliance dolly with rubber caps.

As the video shows, the heavy duty appliance dolly held its own under the strain of 2.25 tons of chain. But how does it perform under normal use?

The Weight:  Moving Blankets
US Cargo Control is known for stocking a large variety of moving pads, so next we chose a pallet of our popular black and white moving blanket bundles. The pallet tipped the scales at 790 pounds – ten pounds under the load rating for the furniture dolly. With this weight, the dolly performs as described, rolling easily across the concrete.

For more information or to purchase product used in this video, click on the link below:

Disclaimer: Moving dollies should NOT be overloaded. Overloaded or improperly loaded moving dollies can cause property damage and injury.

Hand Truck Assembly Guide

US Cargo Control Hand Trucks:

Tools needed:

  • Two 13mm wrenches
  • One # 6 allen wrench
  • Two 10mm wrenches
  • Pliers

** Do not use power tools. Tighten all parts by hand.


  1. Slide interior framing sections into the bottom of each side of the main frame , making sure the end with the holes is at the bottom.
  2. Slide noseplate into the bottom of the frame, lining up the indentations, and gently tapping into place.
  3. Attach axle plates to the main frame as shown, using included bolts and tightening with 13mm wrenches. Be sure the nose plate is facing away from the axle plates NOTE: Axle plates are marked with “L” for left and “R” for right, when the nose plate is facing forward.
  4. **If you have a model with an extension nose plate, place it flat against the main noseplate and attach using the same bolts.
  5. **If you have a model with stair climbers, you must attach the stair climbers before assembling the wheels.


     For models with 8″ wheels:

  1. Place axle rod through the hole closest to the inside of the axle plates. Slide the rod through the first axle plate and then slide it through inside holes of the stair climbers and then through the other axle plate.
  2. Before assembling the wheels, keep the stair climbers moved to the middle of the axle rod and insert the spring pins through the axle rod (Fig 2). There are two holes in the axle rod at each end for the spring pins. You may need to loosen one of the axle plates to get the spring pin aligned with the hole on the axle rod. You can use a hammer to drive the spring pin through the axle.
  3. Attach tops of stair climber to the frame using bolt and washer (the sides with the red plastic insets on the stair climbers should be facing to the rear).

     For models with 10″ wheels:

  1. Place axle rod will go through the hole closest to the outside of the axle plate, then proceed to step 2 as shown above.


     8″ wheel assembly (solid wheels):

  • Assemble the wheels (G) with a washer on the inside and outside of each wheel. The grease zerk on each wheel should be on the inside. Use a cotter pin to hold the wheel in place, which will go into each end of the axle rod; once it is through, bend each side using pliers.

     10″ wheels assembly (foam filled or pneumatic):

  • Assemble the wheels (G) with a washer on the inside and outside of each wheel. The valve stem on each wheel should be on the outside. Use a cotter pin to hold the wheel in place, which will go into each end of the axle rod; once it is through, bend each side using pliers.
  • If your model has pneumatic wheels, check air pressure and maintain at (30) PSI.)


  • Insert the handle (H) and tighten down bolts on each side with a 10mm wrench and # 6 allen wrench.

Download our general hand truck assembly instructions (PDF).

Large Rubber Moving Bands Make Furniture moving Easier

For more information or to purchase the products used in this video, click on the links below:

Moving bands are the perfect accessory for your moving needs. Simply place the moving bands around your piece of furniture to keep drawers from rolling open and doors shut.

Sometimes drawers are hard to take out of your dressers and frustrating to put back in. With mover bands you can keep the drawers in place without worrying about them sliding out while moving the furniture.

Keeping your moving blankets over your furniture is not a problem with moving bands. Put the blanket over the furniture and then slip a couple of moving bands around the blanket. This will help hold the blanket in place, giving your furniture more protection.

Features and benefits of the Supreme moving blanket

The Supreme moving blanket by US Cargo Control is the preferred moving blanket of professional movers and consumers who simply want the most durable furniture pad on the market.

For more information or to purchase the products used in this video, click on the links below:

US Cargo Control supplies many moving blankets for the moving industry. Our wide selection of blankets means you’ll find exactly what you need.

image of 1 dozen Supreme moving blankets
The Supreme blanket is the thickest moving blanket on the market

The Supreme moving blanket is the highest quality furniture pad that we offer at US Cargo Control. This blanket features a polyester / cotton blend which means it’s a lot softer to the touch and it will protect even your most fragile items when moving.

Not only will the Supreme moving blanket prevent scratches when your furniture and belongings are being transported, but the blanket also prevents scuffing on walls or other obstacles.

Another important characteristic of our Supreme moving blanket is the woven binding. These woven fibers on the binding mean that the blanket is more tear resistant and abrasion resistant and is overall, a stronger blanket. It also means it will hold up well in a washing machine and you won’t have to worry about it falling apart.

Moving bulky and awkward furniture on hardwood floors is no longer a challenge with the Supreme moving blanket. Simply use the blanket to slide furniture across the floors without worrying about scratching the floor or the furniture.

This combination of durability and softness also makes it a great option for sound proofing or as pet bedding.

The Supreme moving blanket is ultra heavy weight, weighing in at about 95 pounds per dozen. The uniform zig-zag pattern means that the cotton filler is consistent throughout the entire blanket, making it the thickest moving blanket in the industry. When you need maximum protection for your furniture, there is no other choice.