Unpacking Moving Industry Trends: Why, When, and Where Americans are Moving

According to U.S. Census data, 11.2 percent of Americans move each year on average. That’s over 35 million Americans who will make the big decision to pack up and move on this year. 

The big questions are: what makes Americans want to move, when are they doing it, and where are they going? Continue reading to understand moving industry trends that will better prepare you to make tough moving decisions. 

Why Americans Move 

According to U.S. Census data, most Americans move specifically to change their current housing situation. This includes a desire for new or better housing, housing that is their own, or cheaper housing.  

Meanwhile, other Americans are moving due to a new job or for personal family reasons.  

Other less common reasons include a change in marital status, leaving for college, seeking a neighborhood with less crime, retirement, or just wanting a change of climate. 

top reasons Americans move
According to 2016 U.S. Census Data

When Americans Move 

Among those using a professional moving service or renting a moving truck (those that are trackable), Fridays are the most popular day to move. According to My Moving Reviews Annual Data Report, 20 percent of moves in 2017 were done on a Friday.  Moving on this day allows more time to unpack and be ready for work on Monday. 

The least popular days to move? Sundays and Tuesdays. If you can move on either these days, you will most likely get better prices on moving services. 

most popular moving days
Friday is the most popular day of the week for moves

The summer is by far the busiest time of year for moving. The overall busiest moving month? June, with about 13 percent of total moves. Interestingly, the overall busiest moving day of 2017 was June 30. The second? Just one day later on July 1.  

most popular months to move
June is the most popular month for moves

Where Americans Move 

So, which states are Americans heading to, and which ones are they leaving?

Top inbound states for 2017:

  1. Vermont 
  2. Oregon 
  3. Idaho 
  4. Nevada 
  5. South Dakota 
  6. Washington 
  7. South Carolina 
  8. North Carolina 
  9. Colorado 
  10. Alabama

Top outbound states for 2017:

  1. Illinois 
  2. New Jersey 
  3. New York 
  4. Connecticut 
  5. Kansas 
  6. Massachusetts 
  7. Ohio 
  8. Kentucky 
  9. Utah 
  10. Wisconsin


Green = top 10 inbound states for 2017. Orange = top 10 outbound states for 2017

Moving Advice 

If you’re thinking about moving, whether it’s across town or across the country, make sure you have plenty of moving supplies and set time aside to plan and prepare. Start by getting tips on how to remove the stress of moving.

Moving Checklist: Remove the Stress of Moving in 15 Steps

stress free moving

Moving tends to be a combination of excitement and mind-rattling nerves. It’s a new adventure and a turn of the page. But, it’s also often a startling plunge into new and unfamiliar territory.  Above all else, it’s a lot of work. 

Believe it or not, the stress of moving is right up there with divorce, job loss, and death of a loved one.  

But, fear no more. Whether it’s your first move ever, or your fifth move this year, use this checklist to remove the guesswork and stress of moving.

Months Before Moving: No Need to Sound the Alarm 

  • Decide whether you’re going to hire a moving company, rent a moving van, or move yourself using your own equipment. Moving companies and moving vans can be booked solid for several months, especially during the moving season (May through August). The earlier you book, the better rates you’ll get. Just make sure the moving company is licensed with the FMCSA.
  • Submit a change of address form at usps.com. Also, don’t forget to notify banks, credit cards, insurers, and healthcare providers. Otherwise, the next person to move into your home could be getting your sensitive information.
  • Make any necessary repairs and touchups to your old home or apartment.
  • Start purging items that aren’t worth moving. Whether you sell them or toss them, some items just aren’t worth the cost or work of moving.
  • Make sure you have plenty of moving supplies. Using specialized supplies will increase efficiency and help prevent damage when moving.
  • Begin packing as early as possible, starting with your least-used items. Label boxes by room and contents. Then, for quick reference, create a comprehensive inventory of which items went in what boxes. Use colored stickers for added organization and less writing.
  • Give yourself some breathing room by scheduling time off work.
  • If you’re moving without assistance from professionals, enlist the help of family and friends. Don’t put all the work on yourself.







Weeks Before Moving: Don’t Resist, Keep Pushing 

  • Schedule your current utilities to be shut-off or transferred to your new address.
  • Continue packing as much as possible.
  • If you have access to your new space, make sure it’s clean. There will never be an easier time to clean or paint a wall than when the space is empty.
  • Remind your enlisted moving helpers of the day and time you need them. If you’re renting a truck or hiring workers, call the company to confirm dates and times.

The Day Before Moving Day: Fight the Fatigue 

  • Pack your essentials, like bedding, toilet paper, snacks, soap, plates, cups, utensils, and cleaning supplies in one box. Then, set it aside to be loaded last so that it will be the first box brought into your new home.
  • Finish packing all other belongings so you can start moving bright and early the next day.
  • Get plenty of sleep.

Moving Day: Embrace the Change

Once everything is packed and organized, it’s just a matter of moving it. If you’re doing it yourself, look at it as a chance to exercise. Stay positive. To pass the time, think of all the new people and places you will soon get to experience.  

Do you have any tips that help alleviate the stress of moving? Share your experiences in the comments below! 

Celebrate National Moving Month

National Moving Month is in full swing with people and businesses everywhere gearing up for making moves, big and small.

Moving is no easy task, and there are many things to consider when t­­aking on this job. This blog is going to focus on some moving supplies that people may not realize are available to help them move, but will help make a move safer and easier.

Moving Supplies that Help Prevent Damage

Lacy, Moving Supplies Specialist

Lacy, a US Cargo Control sales specialist, recommends several products that will help prevent damage during a move. These items include door jamb protectors, door covers, banister covers, and Neoprene floor runners.

  • Door Jamb Protectors: Our quilted door jamb protector is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent damage to your belongings and to the doorway. With heavy-duty wire springs and our Performance moving blanket material, the jamb cover stays snug as you move through the doorway. The door jamb protector pad adjusts in height to fit the interior and exterior of almost any door.

    Door Cover Moving Supplies
    Quilted Door Cover
  • Door Covers: Quilted door covers offer the protection of a quality moving blanket in a design that easily slides on to doors (interior or exterior). Covers the door, front and back, and tightens using Velcro straps.
  • Banister Covers: The quilted fabric design of our banister cover has three hook-and-loop straps making it easy to secure to nearly any banister or railing and helps eliminate dings and scratches during a move. The fabric is similar to our popular Supreme moving blanket.
  • Neoprene Floor Runners: Floor runners are a carpet-protecting product that offer a layer of protection for floors during a move. They protect carpet, laminate, linoleum, tile, hardwood and other flooring from scratches, marks and dings as well as creating a flat, non-slip surface and can be cut to size.
  • Moving blankets are also a great multi-purpose product that will cover and protect your products from damage. Once done with a move, these blankets can be used as a cover for items you have in storage that need protected from elements and outside interference.

Moving Supplies for Wrapping and Protecting

Other items that are important in a move are ones that will help keep belongings wrapped tight and protected from damage or loss by coming loose. These would include products to keep drawers closed and boxes sealed.

  • Stretch Wrap: Our blown stretch wrap is high-quality, resisting puncturing and tearing even on sharp corners. Using this wrap is a great way to secure loads both uniformly-shaped and irregularly-shaped.

    Large Rubber Moving Bands
    Rubber Moving Bands
  • Packing Tape: The best way to seal boxes and ensure they stay closed. We offer single rolls, or multi-packs, in 2-inch and 3-inch widths.
  • Rubber Moving Bands: These oversize rubber bands safely stretch to double their size to wrap around furniture, appliances, and anything you need to band together to keep safe during a move. Works great to keep drawers closed on dressers and like items.
  • Mattress Covers: Keep your mattress clean, dry and protected during a move with this plastic cover. These clear plastic covers add a layer of protection without adding extra weight.

Help make a stressful move easier by adding these products to your lineup. If you have any questions about any of these products or others, give us a call at 800-989-4863. We offer bulk pricing. To see our full line of moving supplies click here.

Moving Straps: The Best Insurance for Your Move

May is National Moving Month, meaning moving season is getting ready to ramp up. We’ve got some ideas on how to help make your move easier and less painful – literally. The best insurance is the one that gets the job done and lasts. This is what moving straps can do for you during your next move. Find out how to avoid damage to your body and your belongings.

Why risk an injured back during your move? After all, there are a full array of moving straps available that use the law of physics to make moving large, bulky items easier. Don’t let pride, ego, or the lack of knowledge confine you to a hospital room or your bed. After all, a move is most often a temporary and infrequent event. Don’t risk a back injury that will possibly tug away at you for the rest of your life.

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is true in the area of moving as well. Prevention of injury through the use of moving straps is just plain smart. Also, prevention of damage to your belongings is also smart. Consider the ways the moving straps provide insurance for your moving activity.

Moving Straps Use Your Whole Body

The Shoulder Dolly Moving Straps Makes Moving Furniture Easier
Shoulder Dolly Moving Strap

First, the obvious is that moving straps decrease the risk of injury to your back. The straps are designed to use alternate body muscles to do the lifting. For heavy items, shoulder straps attach to your body in a way that encourages the use of your leg muscles rather than your lower back. The muscles in your leg are less prone to getting tweaked and injured when you put additional weight on them.

There are also moving straps that use the muscles in your arms to do the lifting. This type of strap is appropriate for those larger, bulkier items that you may have trouble getting a grip on. Often it is by being thrown off balance that a back injury occurs. By employing a forklift type strap your hands are kept free to guide an unruly object to its destination.

Lacy, USCC Sales Specialist

“Forearm forklift is a very popular strap for professional movers or consumers wanting a versatile way to assist in moving items like a washer, dryer, mattress, or heavy wood furniture like a hutch,” recommends Lacy, a USCC Sales Specialist. “It is adjustable and takes the pressure off your back. Remember though, you can only lift what you are physically capable of carrying,” she adds.

Safer For Your Belongings

The second type of insurance is in the form of protecting the furniture or objects themselves. Rather than risk having to purchase or repair an LCD television set that slipped out of your grip and smashed to the floor, why not use the proper moving straps for the job.

Mattresses Made Easier

One final way to make your move a whole lot easier is to use a mattress carrier. Moving mattresses, especially king- or queen-sized mattresses, can be a handful. They are heavy and extremely pliable. Our canvas mattress carrier is designed with 9” handles on each side to distribute the lifting and lessen the bodily strain.

Moving straps are likely the most inexpensive insurance you can purchase to avoid injury or damage. However, unlike other types of insurance where a premium is paid and then lost, the straps become a piece of equipment that you can keep and use again. Check out our full line of moving supplies.

Moving Blankets vs. Sound Blankets: What’s the Difference?

Moving blankets have gained a reputation as cheap acoustic treatment for recording studios, do-it-yourself vocal booths and other audio/video production areas. However, if you’re looking to effectively block out or dampen noise for your home, basement, garage or music studio, it’s important to choose the right tools for the job. Not all blankets are constructed the same!

Econo Mover - Single
Moving Blanket

Ordinary moving quilts are typically easy to find and relatively inexpensive, but as their name suggests, they’re designed for just that: to wrap around furniture and fragile items to prevent nicks and scratches during transport. They are not designed or tested for sound absorption.

Sound blankets are engineered to reduce the amount of noise reflecting off walls and ceilings, which is critical for producing quality recordings. A woven cotton/polyester shell and 100% recycled cotton filler allow for superior sound absorption.

Sound Blanket
Sound Blanket

Woven polyester binding adds durability to sound blankets, and preinstalled grommets along the top edge make for quick, easy mounting and removal.

Check out these great uses for sound blankets:

Rehearse without disturbing the neighbors. A sound blanket is an excellent alternative to costly acoustic foam, panels and curtains. Fewer echoes and distortions improve the clarity of vocals and instruments, while their soundproofing quality means you won’t wake up the neighborhood. They’re portable, as well; easily take them down and fold to carry along to your next gig.

Use around the house. Hang over windows to darken a home theater and block unwanted outside noise from street traffic, neighbors and lawnmowers. Drape over the top and sides of a dishwasher or washing machine to muffle loud cycles.

Ready to order? You’ll find all of our moving blankets on our Moving Blankets & Moving Pads page. Find the right tool for your next home or studio project!

Need help deciding which moving blanket will work for you? Call our dedicated moving supplies team today: 800-989-4863.

Moving Quick Tips

Moving is never easy, but having the right products and knowing some quick tips can make it go as smooth as possible. Have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments below or post to our Facebook page: US Cargo Control Facebook.

1.) Maximize how you use moving blankets

Moving blankets, or pads, are typically used to cover and protect furniture and other belongings, but they can also be used to help move heavy items. Simply spread the blanket on the floor, place the item on the pad and drag it. This tip will help if the heavy lifting becomes too much and you want to relocate or rearrange items in the house.

2.) Invest in stretch wrap

Protect your items like a pro with this handy tool. Stretch wrap, unlike tape, is stick free and easy to apply and remove. Wrap furniture, cover drawers, keep cabinet doors closed and bundle awkward items together. Stretch wrap can also be used to wrap moving blankets and pads around furniture and other hefty items. The uses are really unlimited.


3.) Use furniture covers

Quilted furniture covers will protect your expensive furniture from rips, tears and stains during a move. The covers fit snugly over your furniture offering premium protection. They can also be used if you ever need to put furniture in storage. Moving blankets, or pads, are a great alternative if you don’t want to invest in covers.

4.) Get Moving Bands 

Moving bands are like giant rubber bands. They stretch over your furniture keeping your drawers in place, saving you the hassle of having to pull them from your furniture. Bands are also often used instead of sticky tapes to wrap moving blankets and pads around bulky furniture to ensure optimal protection.

Shop US Cargo Control for all of your moving supplies needs. If you have any questions give one of our moving supplies experts a call at 800-867-1210. Happy Moving!

8 Uses for Burlap Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control Burlap Moving Pad
Burlap Moving Pad, Large: 72″ x 80″

As one of the newer types of moving pads on the market,  burlap moving blankets are becoming more and more popular thanks to the wide-ranging versatility that comes from combining two different fabrics in one blanket.

While moving blankets come in a wide range of quality levels – from a simple moving skin to the thick, high quality of a Supreme moving blanket, all of them typically have very similar fabric on both sides.

Burlap moleskin moving blankets are different in that they features two different fabrications: a more rugged burlap on one side and a soft cotton moleskin on the reverse. The double sided design makes it extremely useful in a variety of moving and storage applications (and it also explains why it’s sometimes called both a moleskin moving blanket and a burlap moving blanket).

Unlike a lightweight skin, it features a finished binding that adds durability and strength. Unlike a heavier cotton or cotton-blend moving pad, it’s more cost effective, lighter weight, and less likely to stain.MBBURLAP-Burlap-Moving-Blanket_2_640

Because this blanket can be used in so many different ways during a move or for storage, we’ve rounded up our top four uses:

1. Protect outdoor items. Even though you may think outdoor items like lawnmowers, garden decor, and patio furniture don’t need padding or protection during a move since they normally withstand harsh elements, don’t forget about protecting other items close by from scratches and scrapes. The burlap side offers just enough protection- without the loft (and expense) of higher-end moving blankets.

2. Create a protective foundation. Placing blankets on the floor of a truck bed or enclosed trailer before loading quickly and easily creates a lightweight yet durable layer to protect the floor and cargo from scratches should shifting occur during transit.

3. Take a seat. This style of blanket is excellent for protecting upholstered or leather seats in a vehicle. If you’re hauling box, a pet crate, or any other heavy item that could damage or stain interior fabrics,place a blanket on the seat first, moleskin side down.

4. Box filler. For large boxes that need a soft filler when moving, burlap blankets are ideal since they’re lighter in weight (and cheaper!) than heavy duty, all cotton pads. The wide weave of the burlap also makes it bend and fold easier than all cotton moving pads.

Moving truck

I’m done moving, now what?

The best thing about moving blankets is their endless uses for after the move, and the moleskin / burlap moving pad is no exception. Our mini list of uses includes:

5. Outdoor storage. Here in the Midwest where there’s four distinct seasons, we store away our motorcycles, bikes, water skis, and other outdoor warm weather toys during the winter. There’s no easier and cost-effective way to add a layer of protection than with a burlap /moleskin moving blanket.

6. Pet bedding in an outdoor shed or dog house. The burlap lays nicely on cement or dirt floors, while the moleskin side is soft, comfy, and warm for those 4-legged friends.

7. Boating, fishing, camping, and hunting. Fold it over so the soft side is on the outside and you’ve got a comfortable layer to sit on. The burlap won’t absorb water like an all-cotton or cotton/polyester blanket, so it’s much lighter in weight when wet and easier to handle. The burlap will also dry more quickly than a similar blanket made of only cotton or a cotton-blend. The smaller-sized, 54 x 72 size is perfect if space is tight.

8. Outdoor sporting event. Great for laying on the ground to sit on, or fold over a bleacher. Simply shake to clear debris or dirt.

Ready to order? You’ll find all of our moving blankets on our Moving Blankets & Moving Pads page.

Need help deciding which moving blanket will work for your situation? Call our dedicated sales team today: 800-989-4863.



What Happens When Moving Blankets are Machine Washed and Dried?

US Cargo Control is your one-stop shop for moving supplies. The company sells several styles of moving blankets, also known as moving pads, and sorts them into three categories for easy selection. We placed each category of the blanket in the wash machine and dryer (despite manufacturer instructions) to see how they held up.

The Best Category

The blankets featured in the best category are considered top-of-the-line, premium moving pads. According to the manufacturer, they are all safe to wash in a washing machine, but are recommended for line- dry not the dryer.

The Supreme moving blanket features heavy-duty construction for exceptional durability. It is made with a woven cotton/ polyester blend fabric and is bound with woven polyester. When pulled from the washing machine the Supreme remained in great condition. When the dryer cycle was complete it came out soft. However, it did show some signs of fraying along with the binding after the dryer.

Pro Mover

The Pro Mover moving blanket is a softer pad and is made with microfiber fabric. It is bound with woven polyester. It mirrored similar results to the Supreme style. It too looked good coming out of the washing machine but frayed a little on the binding after a round in the dryer.

The Performance moving blanket is a lighter pad made from a woven cotton/polyester blend of fabric and bound with woven polyester. It came out of both the wash-machine and dryer fuzzy, though the binding remained in good condition.

All three styles featured in the best category took 48 minutes to dry.

 The Better Category

Mega Mover

The moving pads featured in the better category are a more middle-of-the-road blanket. The manufactures do not recommend putting these blankets in the washing machine or dryer.

The Mega Mover moving blanket is made with a woven polyester fabric and is bound with non-woven polyester. This style of blanket appeared unharmed after a round in the washing machine and dryer. It did not experience any fraying or fuzz.

Multi Mover

The Multi Mover moving blanket is made with a woven and non-woven polyester blend and is bound with non-woven polyester. It also appeared unharmed after cycles in both the washer and dryer; no noticeable fraying or fuzz.


The Camo moving blanket is unique in that it comes in a green camouflage pattern. It is made with woven polyester fabric and bound with non-woven polyester. It too came out of the washer and dryer in good condition – no fuzz or fraying.

All three styles featured in the better category took 48 minutes to dry.

The Good Category 

The moving blankets featured in the good category are the most cost-conscious blanket styles. Our manufactures do not recommend placing these blankets in the washing machine or dryer.

The Econo Deluxe moving blanket is made from non-woven polyester fabric and is bound with non-woven polyester. It did not hold up well in the washing machine and produced a lot of fuzz. It came out of the dryer soft but was still in tough shape.

The Econo Mover moving blanket is made from non-woven polyester fabric and is bound also with non-woven polyester. It produced fuzz coming out of the washing machine and dryer. Overall, it wasn’t in good shape after a full laundry cycle.

image of economy moving blanket
Econo Saver

The Econo Saver moving blanket is made from non-woven polyester fabric and is bound with non-woven polyester. This style also produced mass amounts of fuzz in the washing machine, but the dryer cycle was the most concerning. The blanket appeared to fuse with itself – causing some damage to the integrity of the blanket.

All three good styles took a mere 18 minutes to dry. Considering the amount of fuzz and dust produced it likely isn’t a good idea (for the sake of your washing machine and dryer) that you risk putting these blankets through a full washing cycle.



In conclusion, it is likely best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and only machine wash moving blankets featured in the best category (line dry). Some of the blankets did decently well in the washer and dryer, but we can’t guarantee that will be the case the first time, or every time after.

Wash and dry at your own risk.

Customer Feature: White Glove Movers

For more than a decade, White Glove Movers has been in the business of moving. From residential to commercial moves, the company prides itself on its commitment to customer satisfaction.

A White Glove Movers truck parked and ready for a move.
A White Glove Movers truck parked and ready for a move.

“The very best part of the job is getting complimentary notes,” White Glove Movers Co-Manager Tom McCartan said. “We get a lot of referrals and a lot of repeat business.”

White Glove Movers is based in Marion, Iowa and offers a full line of moving services ranging from residential to commercial moves. The company’s team of trained, professional movers will also pack boxes, pods and trucks – even rental trucks. Just about anything moving related, White Glove will do it.

The company is equipped with four large trucks, two vans and one small truck. The movers take on about 750 moves per year, with 60-70 percent of business happening during the summer months.

“That’s when things get very hectic and busy,” McCartan explained. “It’s great.”

The company’s setup process is simple. The office receives moving inquiries, and then schedules an estimate with the prospective customer. After that, the move is booked and put on the calendar.  Then, on moving day, a team of professional movers will carefully pack, load and unload the truck.

Many people underestimate the workload involved when moving and will attempt to do it themselves. White Glove Movers believes people should really consider the risk-reward of taking on a move without the proper equipment and training.

“Moving is very stressful, it can cause injuries that are very hard to recover from,” McCartan said. “We just think let us [White Glove Movers] take the risk. The cost is just not that prohibitive, it’s a lot less expensive than recovering from an injury.”

White Glove Movers rolling a heavy tool kit into the truck.
White Glove Movers rolling a heavy tool kit into the truck.

Moving is especially challenging when people lack the proper tools to do it safely. White Glove Movers utilizes a long-list of moving supplies and trusts US Cargo Control to provide its staff with safe, quality moving equipment.

The company purchases products ranging from protective padding like moving blankets, banister covers and door covers to transport supplies like dollies and straps.

“When you take on the responsibility of handling someone else’s possessions you really need to do it right,” McCartan said. “You better have the right equipment and the right protective gear so when the move is done they [the customers] are in a position to send you a note of compliment.”

US Cargo Control began providing White Glove Movers with professional moving supplies in 2013. The White Glove management team was drawn to USCC because of its competitive pricing, but company leaders soon learned it is the customer experience and service they enjoy the most.

“Working with US Cargo Control has been easy for our Office Manager, Mindy. They treat her with respect and get things done when they are supposed to be done,” McCartan said.

If you are interested in learning more about White Glove Movers or inquiring about a move visit the company website or give them a call at 319-393-3000.

Professional Movers Provide Peace of Mind

At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/INTERNATIONAL, Inc., we are experts when it comes to packing and moving. While most people only move a few times, we do it every day. A team of movers will provide expertise and professionalism, while bringing you peace of mind during a stressful time.

Photo Courtesy: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK International Inc.
Photo Courtesy: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK International Inc.

Acquiring a Moving Estimate

Developing an estimate is an important part of the moving process. Be sure to tell the customer service representative everything you need moved, including items in your attic, storage unit or shed.

You cannot offer up too much information. Tell them if your furniture is unusually large or heavy, especially if items weigh more than 350 lbs. That means they may send three movers instead of the traditional two. Let them know if you have a small entrance, narrow stairways or halls. The more information you offer, the more prepared the movers will be – making the move more efficient and stress-free.

Protecting Your Items

Upon arrival, the movers will walk through the home with you, spending time inspecting and documenting any damages. This process can be expedited if you look over your items ahead of time to get an idea of what should be noted.

The movers will carefully wrap your furniture with pads and stretch wrap to protect it during the move. They will also cover all banisters and doors to protect the entrances and exits. You can ask the movers to put down floor coverings to keep your carpets and hard floors clean and blemish-free.

Once the movers begin to load the truck, you are welcome to bring items to a central location like a living room or garage. This will speed up the loading process saving you time and money. However, you are not required to do so.

Communicating with the Movers

You can ask the driver to share his or her cellphone number with you, so you can reach the crew at any time during transit. Having a direct contact will provide further peace of mind. You can also call the office at any time for updates and to answer questions. The movers will do everything they can to keep things moving smoothly.

Make sure you are available while the movers are unloading the truck so you can tell them where you would like your furniture. The movers will also stay and rearrange furniture to your liking. The crew will place all boxes in the appropriate rooms and, upon request, will put together beds, dressers and other items that require minor reassembly. Before you know it, your move will be completed and you will continue to enjoy peace of mind as you settle in to your new home.


There are many perks to hiring a professional moving company. At TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®/ INTERNATIONAL, Inc., we have a 96% referral rating which has been achieved due to our commitment to customer service. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations on every move, regardless of size. We are always looking for ways to surpass your expectations and ensure you are at your happiest during what can be a very stressful life event. We want you to keep a peace of mind with the help of our professional moving services. Visit our website and request your free moving estimate today.

About the author: Arika Ford is the Marketing and Communications Training Specialist  for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® / INTERNATIONAL, Inc., the first and largest franchised moving company in the United States. Let us help move you forward!

Hump Straps Help Prevent Moving Injuries

Heavy Duty 4-Ply Burlap Lifting Strap - 4'' x 15'
Heavy Duty 4-Ply Burlap Lifting Strap – 4” x 15′

Moving heavy boxes and furniture can be especially straining on the shoulders, neck and knees. In an effort to spare some of those important muscle groups and joints, movers will use a handy tool called a hump strap. A hump strap is a special lifting strap designed to help carry heavy or awkward loads.

To use a hump strap, or lifting strap, simply wrap the strap around the load, then hoist it onto your back. You should have the ends of the straps wrapped around your forearms and hands. With the help of the hump strap, you are engaging larger muscle groups to take on the brunt of the heavy lifting, instead of straining or injuring smaller muscle groups. This technique is especially helpful if you are lifting awkward, heavy items often.

At US Cargo Control, we sell a 4-ply burlap, 4”x 15′ hump strap. It features excellent strength and easy grip.

Our employees like to have a little fun with our products. Watch the video below to see a little “hump day” fun with the hump strap.


What’s the Difference Between Woven and Non-Woven Moving Pads?

Moving pads, also known as moving blankets, are used to make sure a move goes smoothly. The pads are used to protect furniture, appliances and quality items while moving belongings out of the house and during transit in the the back of the truck.

Selecting the right moving blanket can be tricky. Consider the type of fabric and binding used to make the blanket. Those qualities will help you determine the pad’s durability and intended use.

Woven Moving Pads

Woven fabrics and bindings are used to make high quality moving blankets that are designed to be used over and over again. These pads are heavier and more durable compared to non-woven materials. Woven fabrics can be made from cotton, a cotton/polyester mix and polyester. The bindings, or the material around the outside edge of the blanket, are also woven. US Cargo Control offers several woven pads that are all machine washable (line-dry).

image of supreme moving blanket
Supreme Moving Blanket
  • Supreme (BEST SELLER) Made with a woven cotton/polyester blend and bound with woven polyester. 
  • Pro Mover Made with microfiber and bound with woven polyester.
  • Performance Made with a woven cotton/polyester blend and bound with woven polyester. 




image of economy moving blanket
Econo Saver Moving Blanket

Non-Woven Moving Pads

Non-woven fabrics and bindings are still a good option, but are lighter and are earmarked for limited uses. Non-woven fabric is a more cost conscious choice, great for one-time moves or as warehouse storage pads. US Cargo Control offers several pads made with non-woven materials.

  • Econo Deluxe Made with non-woven polyester and bound with non-woven polyester.
  • Econo Mover Made with non-woven polyester and bound with non-woven polyester.
  • Econo Saver (BEST SELLER) Made with non-woven polyester and bound with non-woven polyester


Woven and Non-Woven Moving Pads 

Mega Mover Moving Blanket
Mega Mover Moving Blanket

US Cargo Control also offers several middle-of-the-road options for those looking for a combination of the previously discussed blankets. These blankets are made with both woven and non-woven materials and are more cost effective compared to a completely woven pad, but are more durable compared to a completely non-woven pad.

  • Mega Mover (BEST SELLER) Made with woven polyester and bound with non-woven polyester 
  • Multi Mover Made with woven and non-woven polyester and bound with non-woven polyester.
  • Camo Made with woven polyester and bound with non-woven polyester.

Questions? Give one of the moving supplies experts at US Cargo Control a call at 800-867-1210.