International Roadcheck 2017: More vehicles, drivers placed out of service over last year

International Roadcheck in Brandon, Iowa
Ryan Glade, a Motor Vehicle Enforcement officer with the Iowa Department of Transportation, performs an inspection during the International Roadcheck event at a state-run weigh station near Brandon, Iowa, on June 7, 2017.

International Roadcheck 2017 saw more vehicles and drivers placed out of service than last year.

The 30th annual event, sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), took place June 6-8.

Enforcement personnel conducted a total of 62,013 Level I, II and III inspections, including 54,300 in the United States and 7,713 in Canada. According to the CVSA, 19.4 percent of all commercial motor vehicles and 4.7 percent of all drivers inspected were placed out of service.

Of the 40,944 North American Standard (NAS) Level I Inspections, 23 percent of vehicles and 4.2 percent of drivers were placed out of service. The 37-step procedure examines both the driver and vehicle.

Other inspections involved the Level II walk-around (12,787) and Level III driver-only (8,282).

Being rendered out of service means officials identified critical violations, and the driver cannot operate the vehicle until mechanical conditions or defects and/or driver qualifications are corrected.

In 2016, CVSA reported a total of 62,796 inspections, with 17.8 percent of vehicles and 4 percent of drivers placed out of service. Of the 42,236 Level I inspections last year, 21.5 percent of vehicles and 3.4 percent of drivers didn’t meet the pass criteria.

International Roadcheck is the largest targeted commercial motor vehicle inspection effort in North America. More than 13 trucks or buses are inspected, on average, every minute during a 72-hour period.

More breakdowns from the CVSA’s full report:

Vehicle violations

• The top three out-of-service violations were for brake systems (26.9 percent of vehicle out-of-service violations), cargo securement (15.7 percent) and tires/wheels (15.1 percent).

• 2,267 vehicles carrying hazardous materials or dangerous goods received a Level I Inspection; 12.8 percent were placed out of service for vehicle-related violations.

• 398 motorcoaches encountered Level I Inspections; 10.1 percent (40) were placed out of service for vehicle-related violations.

Driver violations

• The top three driver violations were for hours of service (32.3 percent), wrong class license (14.9 percent) and false log book (11.3 percent).

• Of Level I, II, and III inspections of vehicles carrying hazardous materials/dangerous goods, 1.9 percent were placed out of service for driver-related violations.

• 598 motorcoaches received Level I, II or III inspections; 3.8 percent (23) of drivers were placed out of service for driver-related violations.

• 710 safety belt violations were found.

Cargo securement emphasis

While checking for cargo securement compliance is always part of roadside inspections, this year’s International Roadcheck placed a special emphasis on this category as a reminder of its importance.

Cargo securement violations (not including hazardous materials/dangerous goods loading/securement) represented 15.7 percent of all vehicle out-of-service violations this year.

Of 3,282 instances in the United States, the top five violations related to cargo securement were:

1. Lack of proper load securement (423).

2. Unsecured vehicle equipment (379).

3. Leaking, spilling, blowing or falling cargo (281).

4. Insufficient tie downs to prevent forward movement of loads not blocked by headerboard, bulkhead or cargo (256).

5. Unsecured vehicle load (178).

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