A First Look at International Roadcheck Results

The 30th annual International Roadcheck is a wrap!

For three days earlier this month, certified officials in jurisdictions throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada conducted inspections of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers, placing a special emphasis on cargo securement.

The initiative, created by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with nearly 17 trucks or buses inspected, on average, every minute during the 72-hour period.

While CVSA is still compiling statistics for North America, the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Motor Vehicle Enforcement reported the following:

  • Commercial Vehicles Inspected                                                    1,085
  • Violations Found                                                                              3,769
  • Vehicles Out of Service                                                                   350
  • Drivers Out of Service                                                                     107
  • CVSA Decals Issued to Vehicles that Passed Inspection            580
Ryan Glade, a Motor Vehicle Enforcement officer with the Iowa Department of Transportation, performs an inspection during the International Roadcheck event at a state-run weigh station near Brandon, Iowa, on June 7, 2017.

In 2016, CVSA’s roadside campaign totaled 62,796 inspections. Of those, 42,236 were a North American Standard Level 1 Inspection, a 37-step procedure that examines both driver operating requirements and vehicle mechanical fitness. Level 1 inspections resulted in 21.5 percent of vehicles and 3.4 percent of drivers being placed out of service because of critical item violations. Of vehicles placed out of service, brake adjustment and brake system violations combined to represent 45.7 percent of out-of-service vehicle violations. Top driver out-of-service violations were for hours of service and false logs representing 46.8 percent and 16.4 percent, respectively, of all out-of-service driver violations found.

Other inspections conducted are Level II walk-around driver/vehicle, Level III driver/credential, and Level V vehicle-only.

According to CVSA, top load securement violations — a particular focus this year — typically include:

  1. Failure to prevent shifting/loss of load.
  2. Failure to secure truck equipment (tarps, dunnage, doors, tailgates, spare tires, etc.).
  3. Damaged tie-downs (unacceptable wear on chain or cuts and tears on web straps).

    Ryan Glade performs an inspection during International Roadcheck near Brandon, Iowa, on June 7, 2017.
  4. Insufficient tie-downs.
  5. Loose tie-downs.

International Roadcheck is sponsored by CVSA, North America’s leading commercial motor vehicle safety enforcement organization, with participation by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators, Transport Canada and the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (Mexico).

Other CVSA events include Brake Safety Day on Sept. 7 and Operation Safe Driver Week in October.


NEW ARRIVALS: Coil, Machinery, 3-Piece & Lightweight Tarps

We recently expanded our line of flatbed trailer tarps, launching coilmachinery, and three-piece lumber styles. Our inventory also now includes lightweight versions of our lumber and steel tarps, as well as a wider selection of sizes.

Coil tarps, or coil bags, are commonly used to keep steel or aluminum coils tight and dry. The upper half is rounded at the front and rear to better fit cylinder-shaped loads, eliminating the need to fold and strap down tons of excess material before hauling. This allows for easier on/off and faster securement.

In addition, each corner of the bottom portion is split to form four flaps that let transport chain slide through, so the tarp slips on quickly whether the coil is mounted in either shotgun (coil has the potential to roll off the side of the trailer) or suicide (coil can roll onto the truck) position.

Sturdy grommets around the hems and two rows of D-rings spanning the perimeter provide plenty of tie-down points for S-hooks, rubber tarp straps, or rubber rope.

Both sizes we offer — 6’ x 6’ x 6’ and 7’ x 7’ x 7’ — are made of 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester to handle extreme outdoor conditions and heavy stress.

Machinery tarps are essentially larger versions of steel tarps to fully wrap large, expensive, and often irregularly sized manufacturing or machinery equipment. They are great, too, for encasing wood or steel products such as plywood, cables, rods, or sheets.

These are available in 24’ x 24’ or 30’ x 30’ with grommets the entire way around the tarp and multiple rows of D-rings — the number depends on size. The 18 oz. polyester has a PVC exterior coating to ensure the tarp stays waterproof and resistant to dirt, oil, salt, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays. Plus, the coated fabric gives the material added strength and durability.

Three-piece lumber tarps split the weight over three separate pieces, making them easier to handle when covering a full load on a standard flatbed trailer. These systems connect a rectangular steel tarp in the center to a lumber tarp on each end. Sections can be used individually or combined to accommodate various load sizes.

Constructed in 18 oz. or lighter-weight 14 oz. fabric, these tarps have lots of D-rings and grommets for attaching straps and rope. Each D-ring comes with an abrasion-resistant pad underneath. Like our other styles, the PVC-coated polyester acts as a tough barrier from the elements and road debris.

Lightweight lumber and steel tarps feature 14 oz. vinyl-coated polyester. Lumber sizes include: 20′ x 20′, 20′ x 27′, 24′ x 20′, and 24′ x 27′. Lightweight steel tarps come in 16′ x 27′, 20′ x 16′, and 24′ x 18′.

We also added two new sizes of heavyweight lumber and steel tarps: 20′ x 18′ and 24′ x 18′.

Don’t forget about our other heavy-duty and 14 oz./18 oz. combo options for lumber and steel hauling, along with a smoke/nose shield and designs for roll/dump trucks. Consider corner protectors, tarp repair kits, and other accessories to prolong the life of your tarp.

For one-stop shopping, we’ve assembled flatbed starter kits with tarps, tie downs, and essentials for hauling lumber, steel, or both. Be sure to check out our entire selection of Flatbed Trailer Equipment.

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