New Guy Wire and Tower Erector Products Assisting Customers in the Field

11The addition of new guy wire and other Tower Erector Products is helping US Cargo Control customers in the Tower Erection field find the quality tower supplies they need, when they need them.

The company added several new products including 1×19 galvanized guy strand (EHS) and X7 galvanized guy strand (EHS), big grip dead ends, and end sleeve ice clips. As a leading supplier in the rigging, lifting and cargo securement industries US Cargo Control already offered a variety of hardware, including shackles, turnbuckles, wire rope clips, and wire rope thimbles.

US Cargo Control Merchandising Specialist Matt Mitchell said the decision to add the product line came after industry professionals contacted the company in search of industrial-quality equipment that could ship quickly nationwide.Cellphone_aerial_mast

“We realized quickly this could be a win-win for customers in the industry,” Mitchell explained. “We did the research and took the steps to become a distributor of products necessary for this type of specialized work.”

The company’s extra high strength (EHS) guy wire meets ASTM A475, the standard specification for zinc-coated steel wire strand. All products meet TIA/EIA-222 provisions. Custom pricing is available for contractors and other large volume customers. Customers  can contact the US Cargo Control sales team at 800-660-3585, or email

Mitchell says the new line is another example of the company’s employees building relationships and listening to customers as a way to improve and expand its product line.

“The guy wire addition is a great example of our sales people taking the time to learn about our customers and listen to their needs,” Mitchell said. “Our number one goal is to get the customer what they want, when they need it.”

US Cargo Control is a proud member of The National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE).

Guy wire installation is not a do-it-yourself  job. It should only be done by experienced, trained professionals. For information on Guy Wire installation, using a Guy Wire Calculator, regulatory issues, safety topics, and more, contact a professional in your area or visit the NATE website:  The National Association of Tower Erectors.

Guy wire products from US Cargo Control

What are Frost Laws?

Ground_frost_damagesWith the spring thaw comes talk of “Frost Laws” in our Northern states. But exactly what is the Frost Law?

Also known simply as “Seasonal Weight Restrictions,” Frost Laws are restrictions on speed and/or weight limits on roads that are sensitive to weakening during a spring thaw. States and localities can impose jurisdiction as needed to protect those roads while the ground is thawing in the spring. Areas must be signed and posted by the governing agency.

The temporarily-reduced speeds and axle weight limits generally start on March 1st and remain through Mid-June in most cases. However, this can also vary by year as it is also dependent on what the temperatures were during the winter months.

Only 16 US states have Spring load restrictions in place. Laws are more prevalent in Canada, with nearly all provinces and territories having laws on the books.Oversize_Bridge_Beam_-_LONG

Because these spring load restrictions will vary widely by state, and even within a state, it’s best to check each state’s laws. We’ve included the link to each state’s information below: