Load Bars for Trucks and Trailers

If installing e-track and shoring beams is not option in your trailer or truck, a ratcheting load bar is another choice. Load bars (also sometimes called cargo bars), are a great for sectioning space in a trailer or truck.

image of load bars for trucks

Designed in a heavy duty metal, rubber pads on each end grip the wall to keep the bar in place. A ratcheting device lets you set it to the desired tension.

Two sizes are available:

Other accessories available include replacement Cargo Bar Feet  sold in singles or in 2-packs: Cargo Bar Feet  2-pack.

Another handy device is a Cargo Bar Holder which easily installs on the wall of the trailer or van. It holds two load bars securely in place when not in use.

If you’re using more than one load bar in a van or enclosed trailer, check out Charlie’s tips on how to best ratchet the bar to keep it secure.

If you have questions about any of our load bars or other van trailer products, give us a call at 866-444-9990, we’ll be glad to help!


Customer Photos: Moving Blankets

We love receiving photos from our customers; so much so that we’ve created a new Customer Photos category.

This first post features photos we received from Laurel in Pennsylvania. Laurel purchased a Supreme moving blanket 4-pack to use for her dog, Tilly. She uses one in Tilly’s crate to provide a comfortable padded layer, and also in her vehicles to protect the seats. At a generous 72″ x 80″ size, our moving blankets are big enough to cover a wide area, but also fold neatly to create a more cushioned surface.

photo of moving blankets for dog bed


Laurel wrote:   “My husband thinks a moving pad is a moving pad is a moving pad… he went to our local big box home improvement store and bought one for his car for $16. It’s thin and slippery!  I MAY have to share one of mine with him! My US Cargo Control moving blankets really are nice and suit our needs perfectly.”

Laurel also mentioned that she was thrilled to learn that the Supreme moving blankets are machine-washable, a must-have since she says “Mastiffs like Tilly can be slobbery!”

For more ideas on other uses for our moving blankets, see Moving Blankets- Not Just for Moving Anymore.

The Supreme moving blanket Laurel purchased is our best-selling, highest quality moving pad, but additional styles of various weights are also available. We’ve divided them into categories based on weight and material:

BEST Moving Blankets

BETTER Moving Blankets

GOOD Moving Blankets

SKINS Moving Blankets

If you need help in choosing the right moving blanket for your specific needs, give our sales team a call at 800-867-1210. They’ll be happy to help!

We need your photos of USCC products in use!

Email them to: customerservice@uscargocontrol.com and we’ll feature them on the blog and on our US Cargo Control Facebook page.


More Moving Tips and Tricks

shutterstock_109668389With May being the official kick-off to the moving season, it’s time to offer up some more moving tips. Here we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks you may not have heard before. These come from our USCC customers and professional movers who purchase our moving supplies.

For even more moving tips on how to get organized for the big day, see this post: 20 Tips for Stress-Free Moving from Claire at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK®.


  • Don’t pack away suitcases- use them to keep essentials for the first few days until things get unpacked: change of clothes, medicines, toiletries, etc. Also fill a suitcase with paper supplies: garbage bags, paper plates, paper cups, toilet paper, and paper towels. Other essentials: flashlight, night lights, shower curtain, towels, scissors, old sheets to use as curtains.
  • Labeling moving boxes is a given, but be sure and label the sides of the boxes too, so you’ll be able to read it once it’s stacked.
  • Create a spreadsheet with the contents of what’s in each box. Labels boxes with a number/letter combination, such as 1-MBR  for “Box 1, Master Bedroom”
  • Don’t waste box space packing items from dresser drawers. Instead, just remove the drawer and stretch tape across the top, or wrap it in stretch wrap to keep items inside. If you do use tape, use masking tape- it’s easier on furniture finishes.
  • Remove cords from electronics, label them, and box them together so you’ll have one box devoted to those items which will make it easier to find when unpacking.
  • Take pictures before you pack- snap a photo of the back of your computer so you’ll know what cords go into which outlets. Take pictures of how you have items arranged on bookcases or on the wall so you know how to place them in your new home.
  • When taping up boxes, place a string under the tape, leaving an inch or two hanging out. When it’s time to unpack, just pull the string to rip the tape off. With this method, you won’t have to use box cutters or scissors to get through the tape.
  • If you’ll be moving with pets, be sure to add an identification tag with your new name and address to their collar in case they get lost in your new neighborhood.


Product Review: Magic Sliders

image of magic sliders 8 packWith moving season quickly heading into full swing, moving supplies are flying out the door at US Cargo Control. And with so many supplies for moving available, it can be difficult to tell if some items are really necessary to get the job done. Magic Sliders are one such essential.

Magic sliders come in both round and rectangular sizes. While these types of sliders for moving furniture were originally designed with adhesive to easily adhere to furniture legs, there’s also now a set that includes screws so you can screw them in to secure for good.

What’s great about moving supplies such as moving sliders is that they are something you can keep on hand and use again. They’re nice to have when it comes time to rearrange furniture or when you’re cleaning. And they’re not just for furniture- place some of these super sliders under a large box or potted plant you need to move. You can also keep a set in the garage or work shop to move tool boxes or other heavy items.

Our Magic Sliders products include:

We created a short video showing just how easy it is to use sliders for furniture. Be sure to check out below, and these additional videos of moving supply reviews:

Moving straps review 

Steel platform dolly review

How to choose a moving blanket

Are there any moving supplies you’d like to see added to our selection? Please leave us a message below!




US Cargo Control Warehouse Team Profile

The latest installment in our team profile is this US Cargo Control warehouse group that’s responsible for getting our customer’s orders out quickly and efficiently. We try very hard to ship packages out the same business day if the order is placed by 4:00 pm  central time, and this team is instrumental in making that happen every day. Cody Smith manages this group that continues to grow as we add new team members to the warehouse to meet increasing demand. Along with picking and shipping of products, Cody’s team also handles quality control issues.

Cody's Team

From left to right: Nick, Kean, Cody, Jobe, Ryan, Ethan

For a look inside our recently expanded warehouse, check out this video:

You can also read more about the warehouse expansion here:

Clickstop Completes Warehouse Expansion, Prepares the New Space for Inventory for its US Cargo Control Brand



US Cargo Control attends TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Annual Meeting

image of moving supplieAs a preferred vendor for moving company TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® (TMAAT), we’ve had the great opportunity to meet many of the TMAAT franchise owners at the company’s annual meeting. This year, our very own Sarah Fare, VP Business Development, and Sarah Watson, Moving Supplies Sales Specialist for US Cargo Control, even made an appearance in the TMAAT video from the show held in March in Jacksonville, Florida:



US Cargo Control became a preferred level vendor for TMAAT in February 2012. A preferred level vendor is a unique relationship that allows franchise owners to purchase moving supplies from US Cargo Control at special prices. We benefit by receiving valuable feedback from franchisees about our products, and how we can make them even better. An example: we redesigned and began offering more styles of moving dollies, based on information we gained from the TMAAT professional movers using our moving dollies and hand trucks. We’ve also added many products, such as neoprene floor runners and piano moving supplies, and even created an entire new category of moving company supplies based on what we’re hearing from TMAAT.

Says Fare: “With the feedback we’ve heard from the TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise owners, we’ve been able to really focus on making our moving supplies category the very best it can be. It’s been an exciting partnership so far, and we look forward to continuing to expand our great working relationship.”


Whether we’re working with large moving companies like TMAAT or hearing from DIY movers, our goal is to help our customers find the moving supplies they need. If you’re looking for a particular product for moving but don’t see it on our website, let us know and we’ll try our best to find it. Give us a call at 800-867-1210 and let us help you today.

How to Choose a Boat Sling

image of boat strapsIt might not feel like spring in many parts of the country, but we’re more than ready for warm weather and fun on the water.

If you’ll be in the market for a boat sling this summer, we just made it a little easier to find one. We’ve updated our boat lift slings page with a simple form to request a quote for a custom boat sling. Whether you’re looking for a smaller sling for a canoe or kayak, etc., have a larger sailboat or fishing boat, or even need an industrial-strength boat sling like the one shown here, we can make one to fit your needs.

You can see our new boat lifting slings quote request form on our page: Boat Slings & Boat Lift Straps page.

Because there are so many varieties, sizes and options available for a boat sling lift, each sling is custom-made to a customer’s exact specifications. Keep in mind that not all boats are recommended to be lifted with slings; you should first consult with the manufacturer of the boat for proper instruction. When deciding on the right boat lift sling for your needs, there are a few major choices to take into consideration, plus many add-on options as well.

Nylon boat straps or polyester boat straps?

Polyester is a popular choice for a sling boat lift because of it stretches very little, providing more control than nylon, which can have a “snap back” effect when under load. Polyester stretches just 3% at working load limit, and maintains 100% of the work load limit even when wet. Nylon stretches approximately 6-8% under load and can lose 15% of its working load limit when wet. Both polyester and nylon are tough, durable fabrics but it’s important to consider the environmental conditions: polyester is resistant to acids that are typically used to clean the hulls of boats. However, nylon is a better choice if the webbing will be exposed to caustic materials.

Number of plys

The number of plys needed for your boat sling will be determined by the type of boat and the weight of the boat. Typically, smaller recreational boats require just one or two plys of webbing, while larger boats will need up to four plys.

Other options for boat lift straps

image of boat sling

Chine sleeves. Also sometimes called boat pads, these sliding pads can be moved to protect rub rails and boat chines when the boat is being lifted.

Keel pad. This extra sleeve of webbing protects the sling from abrasions or cuts during a lift. Lead weights can also be sewn into the pad, so the sling will sink when it’s placed on the water.

Edge guard. Wear-resistant material is applied to the sling’s edges as a way to extend the life of the sling.

Disconnects. Allows the sling to be removed from the boat without having to detach the boat sling from the lifting device.

Knowing how to choose a boat lifting sling can be confusing, especially with so many options available. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our product specialists at 800-660-3585– they’ll be glad to help.