Plastic Coated Cable

Plastic coated cable from US Cargo Control comes in 7×19 Stainless Steel or Galvanized finish.  A 7 strand with 19 wires per strand construction results in a cable that is flexible and creates excellent resistance to corrosion.  Adding a plastic coating adds a layer of protection that shields your cable from abrasions.  Plastic coated cable is easier to handle than non-coated steel cable and also seals in lubricant to reduce wear on pulleys and sheaves.  For more information on plastic coated cable, visit US Cargo

Moving Supplies Checklist

image of moving supplieMoving season is already upon us. If you’re planning a move this spring or summer, making a list of the moving supplies essentials you’ll need for packing can help you prepare in plenty of time. We’ve put together a handy checklist with some additional tips to make your move go as smooth as possible.



Moving boxes

This is a given, but there are some tips to keep in mind. Not sure how many moving boxes you’ll need? A general room of thumb says for packing one to two rooms, plan on eight to 10 smaller boxes, three to five medium-sized boxes and three to five large boxes. Multiply these numbers by the number of rooms you’re packing and you should get a good idea of what you’ll need. TIP: Don’t overlook purchasing special purpose boxes for things like hanging clothes and dishes. Although they may cost a little more, they’ll protect your items better.

Packing paper

Sure newspapers can work as filler, but don’t use them if you don’t want to run the risk of find black markings on your items when you unpack. Instead, pick up some packing paper on a roll or in sheets when you’re buying your moving supplies. Tip: Most packing paper can be recycled so it won’t fill up your garbage bin.

Bubble wrap

Having bubble wrap on hand for extra fragile items is also a good idea. Be sure to use the right size for the packing. Small bubble wrap (3/16″ bubbles) is best for protecting surfaces from dents and dings. Medium bubble wrap (5/16″) protects surfaces and also provides general shock absorption so use it for breakable things like mirrors and art. Large bubble wrap (1/2″) is ideal for filling space inside a box. TIP: When wrapping items, be sure the bubbles are on the inside so they can absorb the shock and protect the item.

Tape dispenser

A tape dispenser is worth every penny during the packing process so it’s smart to invest in one or more when your buying moving supplies. TIP: Purchase some color stickers and/or colored markers to color code boxes by room.

Mover straps

If you’ll be doing the heavy lifting and not hiring movers, you won’t regret spending money on moving straps. The time you save will be worth it. Your back will thank you too. TIP: Check out this post with a video review of our moving straps to see which will work best for you.

Moving blankets

Moving blankets (also called moving pads) are another supply that you might not think you need, but the protection they provide will be worth the investment. And when the move is over, you can re-use them for camping, pet bedding, etc. TIP: Check out this post with a video about choosing the right moving blanket for your needs.

Mattress bags

These are an inexpensive way to ensure your mattress stays clean and dry during a move. If your items will be in storage for any length of time, these are a must. TIP: Items going into storage need extra attention when packing. For furniture and appliances, check into quilted furniture covers for the ultimate in protection.

How to Install Cable Railing

One of our newer popular product lines in cable railing, you can check this post: Cable Railing Systems for an overview of our wire cable rail products and also information on how to order.

We installed some cable railings in our warehouse to create a safe storage area above our safe room:

A few things to note when installing cable railing:

  • Before beginning, research the local building code requirements for railings, decks, etc.
  • The first step in configuring your design is determining the location of the end and intermediate posts. This is required first before you can determine cable lengths, number of cables and assemblies, and any hardware necessary. Generally, it’s best to install the posts prior to determining cable measurements.
  • Our cable assemblies are designed to go horizontally from the fixed end, through intermediate posts, and then tensioned or secured at secure end posts.
  • Using a turnbuckle is highly recommended, as it allows you to re-tension the cable if it ever starts to sag. It’s not necessary structurally to use a turnbuckle for 28′ or less cable , but including one can also increase the cable span allowance to up to 50′.
  • When accommodating corners, we recommend you terminate the cable and start a new run. While contractors may use a continuous run around a corner, it can impact the allowable cable span. If it’s necessary to run cable around a corner, the max. angle is typically 45° for 1×19 cable. This will preserve the cable’s integrity of the cable, and can be achieved by using a two post corner.

For more information on our stainless steel cable railing systems, see our  Cable Railing Systems to download a product catalog and guide. Products can be ordered by calling our sales specialists at 888-794-0584. They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Stranded Cable

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of stranded cable for a variety of jobs.  Available in class 6×19, 6×37, 7×19 and as a specialty wire rope, US Cargo Control is sure to have the stranded cable wire rope you need.  Stranded cable  consists of wires, strands, and a core formed into a spiral pattern, which creates very strong and durable rope.  6×19 stranded cable is our most versatile and widely used due to its combination of strength and durability.  For more information or to shop stranded cable, visit US Cargo



US Cargo Control Sales Team Profile: Lisa

Lisa has been with US Cargo Control for nearly four years and is an integral part of our Sales and Service team. If you’ve called USCC lately, you may have spoken with her.

Lisa M., US Cargo Control Sales and Customer Service Team Lead

Current position title and duties? 
Service Team Lead – the service team is a section of Sales and Customer Service that focuses on making sure our customers have a positive experience ordering with US Cargo Control – including ensuring that orders ship promptly, helping customers with questions, and processing returns. We also work to implement improvements that help our whole team work more efficiently.

What was your position when you started, and what other positions have you held here?
I have been in Sales and Customer Service since I started, but the position has changed quite a bit. Our company has expanded, our systems have changed, and we’ve added many new products and our processes have become so much more efficient that it is hardly the same job as when I started.

Prior experience to US Cargo Control?
I was a Sales Assistant for a promotional products distributor helping customers find the right products for their needs, and before that I worked with my dad, who owns a small print business. By his example I learned a lot about the importance of going the extra mile for customers and earning their business.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
No two days are the same. We’re constantly working to improve our processes, add new products, and I hear new questions from customers that I hadn’t considered before. The variety keeps it interesting and challenging.

Are there one or two most common questions you hear from US Cargo Control callers?
We have a huge variety of products, so we get a variety of questions, but most often I have customers ask for advice on which moving blankets to order. We have 10 styles to choose from, and the customers’ needs vary from those who are using the blankets for a one time household move, to professional movers, to someone who is using the blankets for pets or other household uses.

City, state or country you loved to visit, or would like to someday?
The list of places I would like to visit is too long to list here… If I had to pick one place that I would love to revisit, that would be Germany. I studied German language in school and traveled to Germany while I was in high school. In college I was able to study abroad for six months and had a great experience. I have not been able to get back there since then, but I plan to someday.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be an architect.

Favorite sports team or sport to watch?
Favorite team would be the Iowa Hawkeyes (I am an alum) and favorite college sport is football. Otherwise my favorite sport to watch is motocross or supercross.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?
Most people would probably describe me as quiet and easy-going. Those that know me well know that I am very forgetful and am constantly making lists and jotting down reminders to myself.

You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school graduation. What would it be about?
Live with integrity and respect others. You will feel good about yourself and others will feel good about you as well, and you will be happier in life.


Crane Cable

US Cargo Control offers wire rope for many uses including crane cable.  There are many different lines of cable on a crane and all have specific characteristics and uses.  There are wire ropes for main lines, auxiliary lines, hoist lines, tag lines, among many more.  Available in 6×19 and 6×37 classes, these cables will give you strength and flexibility.  For more information on Crane Cable, visit

Cable Railing Systems

image of cable railing systems for decks Cable rail is a new product we’ve added to the website in the past year. Our decision to start selling it came as a result of customers calling about it after seeing our regular wire rope category and wondering if they could use traditional wire rope as cable railing for their decks, porches and stairs. Cable rail systems are also an excellent choice for industrial uses on stairwells, loading docks, platforms, etc.

Ordering supplies for a cable rail system can be complicated, and choosing the right supplies will depend on your size requirements and end use. We sell complete cable railing kits in diameters of 1/8″, 3/16″, and ¼” in stainless steel type 316 wire cable; type 316 stainless steel is also called marine grade stainless steel because of its ability to withstand harsh outdoor environments without rusting or corroding.

image of stair railing kits

The cable wire in our stainless steel cable railing kits are a 1×19 construction which is semi rigid and has minimal stretch. It can also be bent safely up to 45 degrees so it’s a good choice for most cable rail uses. We also offer a 7×7 configuration in a cable railing kit that’s better for more decorative applications that may require a greater bend than 45 degrees. All of the wire cable in our kits can be either hand swaged or machine swaged.

Cable railing kit options include:


image of cable railing systesm


For more information on our stainless steel cable railing systems, visit our website page: Cable Railing Systems. There you can also download a guide and a catalog. Our sales specialists are available at 888-794-0584 to answer any questions and to place your order.

It’s also highly recommended that you research local building code requirements in your area before you begin purchasing products for your cable railing system.


Winch Cable


Winch Cable from US Cargo Control comes in a wide variety of sizes and styles.  Offering 6×17, 6×37 and 7×19 wire rope, US Cargo Control has winch cable and other wire rope cable perfect for mooring lines, winch cable lines, trolley lines, slings, railings, among many other uses.  Winch cable consists of wires, strands, and a core formed into a spiral pattern which creates a very strong and durable cable.  With many configurations to choose from, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your winch cable needs.