How to Loop a Lasso Strap

One of the more common questions our sales team receives is how to use a lasso strap.

Our 2″ x 10′ lasso strap with O ring can be used as a universal car tie-down strap, but lasso straps are more commonly used in hauling exotic or custom cars that have a lower clearance.

A lasso strap for car hauling can be used on the outside of the tire or through the wheel. For safety, we recommend tying down all four tires when hauling the vehicle.

The 10 foot length is longer than standard straps which are generally 8 just foot long. The 2″ width can also accept a 2″ Cordura sleeve, which can be slid to any touch point on the strap, extending its working life.

Designed with an industrial grade polyester webbing, it has a break strength of 10,000 lbs. and working load limit of 3,333 lbs.

Lasso straps are easy to use. Here our sales team member David gives a quick tutorial on how to loop a lasso strap.


Moving in the Moving Blankets

The moving in of moving blankets has begun at US Cargo Control. We keep thousands of our popular moving pads in stock, and now expect to have even more inventory on hand with our new warehouse space. Here’s a glimpse at the just the beginning:

If you’re in the market for any type of supplies for moving, from blue moving blankets to a heavy duty hand truck, or moving boxes, check out our entire category of moving supplies. Be sure to let us know if you’re looking for something we don’t carry on our website. Give our sales team a call at 800-867-1210 and they’ll do their best to find what you need.

Moving Pads for Sale

US Cargo Control has moving pads for sale to help you with your moving needs.  Check our website,  and you’ll find three different qualities of moving pads for sale: a good blanket – perfect for one time movers; a better blanket – a middle of the road, mid-weight blanket; and a best blanket –  a heavyweight moving pad great for moving multiple times. Our best blankets are also ideal for moving companies or for someone who wants to put fragile items in storage without the risk of damage.   Each of our moving pads for sale measure 72″ x 80″, giving you plenty of protection.  US Cargo Control has all of these moving pads for sale in stock and ready to be ship.

Warehouse Blankets

Warehouse blankets from US Cargo Control are great for protecting furniture and belongings when moving or keeping items in storage. Available in a generous 72″ x 80″ size, these warehouse blankets have you covered in quality and durability. Ranging from a lightweight blanket – at 45 lbs. per dozen, on up to a heavyweight blanket – at 95 lbs. per dozen, our warehouse blankets offer a variety that’s great for the person who is only moving once, a moving company, or even someone who is looking for other uses such as for pet bedding or sound proofing. With thousands of warehouse blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.