Furniture Moving Pads

Furniture moving pads from US Cargo Control are a great way to safely transport furniture and other belongings, without the worry of dings and scratches. Available as a single, four pack, or one dozen bundle, these 72″ x 80″ furniture moving pads will provide you with plenty of protection. US Cargo Control’s furniture moving pads are available in a woven polyester, cotton/poly blend, or as a lightweight skin – perfect for a single move. With thousands of furniture moving pads in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

6 Handy Uses for Reflective Tape

Its official name is conspicuity tape and it’s designed for use on big rig trucks, but this handy reflective tape can be very useful around the home, garage, farm and work site. It’s extremely durable, long-lasting and instantly adds an element of light-reflecting visibility anywhere you need it.

1) In the warehouse: apply truck tape to the floor to highlight danger or high alert areas.

2) In the water: use marine-grade conspicuity tape (designed specifically for water use) on rafts, pontoons, life jackets, water buoys, etc.

3) On the farm: use reflective tape on tractors, other machinery and smaller utility vehicles like 4-wheelers, so they can be easily seen by other motorists, especially at dusk.

4) On the go: Add a narrow strip of truckers tape to a dog collar or leash, running shoes, kids’ backpacks, bicycles, motorcycle helmets.

5) On vacation: use on campers, boats, or supply boxes, to easily add visibility with the quick shine of a flashlight.

6) At home: add to a mail box or roadside fence for visibility to drivers.

Reflective tape for trucks is available in red and white or solid white, and pre-cut strips or rolls. There’s also a curved reflective tape for tankers in solid white. Check out our entire selection of reflective conspicuity tape from Reflexite, Avery Dennison and 3M Scotchlite.

Blue Moving Blankets


Blue moving blankets from US Cargo Control come in a variety of weights to suit your moving needs. Each blue moving blanket measures 72″ x 80″ giving you plenty of coverage for your larger items. There are three categories of moving blankets: the “Good” category, “Better” category and “Best” category. Our good blankets include the 43 lb. per dozen Econo Saver. This blue moving blanket  is lightweight and made of non-woven fabric. A step up from that is the Mega Mover blue moving blanket which weighs in at 85 lbs. per dozen. This heavyweight blanket is made of woven polyester fabric. The blue moving blanket in the Best category is the Pro Mover. This heavyweight blanket weighs in at 82 lbs. per dozen and is made of a microfiber fabric with a woven polyester binding. Each category offers other blankets, with different weights and colors, including black, green, and camo. With thousands of moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

What Kind of Rope Floats? What is Manila Rope Made From? And Other Rope Questions Answered

Our sales team receives lots of questions about rope :  types, uses, strength, etc. so we thought it would be best to list the most common inquiries we receive and list the answers here.

Q. What is manila rope made from?

Manila rope Manila rope is manufactured from a plant native to the Philippines- the abaca plant- which is how it gets its name. It’s also sometimes called hemp rope or sisal rope because it is made of hemp fibers. The all natural fibers make it absorbent, but it stretches very little so it’s great for making a rope ladder, landscaping, obstacle courses, etc. Manilla rope holds a knot extremely well so it also makes a great tug of war rope. Its water absorbency also makes it prone to mildew and it can shrink up to 15% when wet.


Q. What kind of rope floats?

Polypropylene rope Often called pool rope or ski rope, polypropylene rope is a synthetic  that’s very lightweight so it will not sink in water. Since it doesn’t absorb water, it resists rot, mildew, oils, acids, etc. Polypropylene can stretch when under load and can be uncomfortable to handle since it is stiffer than a natural fiber. Polypropylene is sometimes mistaken for parachute cord (also called paracord or 550 cord), however, that is a nylon general purpose utility cord with a smoother texture.


Q. Does polyester rope stretch?

Polyester rope Polyester rope is very similar to nylon but it does not stretch as much as a nylon. The lack of stretch makes it great for uses where stretching would be dangerous: tug ropes, tree ropes, etc. Polyester keeps its strength even when wet and is very resistant to mildew, rot, etc. We sell three different constructions: diamond braid, solid braid and twisted.



Q. What is cotton rope used for?

cotton rope  Cotton rope offers less strength than other ropes but its softness makes it much more comfortable to handle. We generally suggest cotton for lightweight applications such as for tents, pet toys, awnings, making a hammock stand, etc. Natural cotton rope does hold up better than some synthetic ropes to UV rays so it can be better choice for outdoor uses if it will be subjected to sun exposure outside.



Q. What is the best rope for climbing?

iStock_000019326943XSmall  We get this question a lot- along with how to choose a carabiner for climbing. Because climbing is  not  something we recommend with our rope and carabiner clips, we cannot offer any suggestions. Our products are not designed for climbing; we prefer our customers contact an expert in climbing supplies for the best advice!

Packing Blankets

From our “Good” packing blankets – which offer three light to mid weight 72″x 80″ blankets, to our best packing blankets – which offer three mid- to heavy-weight 72″ x 80″ blankets, you’re sure to find the style that will fit your moving needs. Whether you’re moving once, or have a moving company, the quality and variety of packing blankets from US Cargo Control will get you moved. With thousands of packing blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

Economy Moving Blankets


Economy moving blankets from US Cargo Control are perfect for those who need protection for their furniture or fragile items, but only need the blankets for one or two uses.  Our Economy moving blankets are made out of Non-Woven poly fabric, are lightweight and are the economical choice for one time or limited use.  US Cargo Control offers three Economy moving blankets – the Econo Saver at 43 lbs. per dozen, the Econo Mover at 54 lbs. per dozen, and the Econo Deluxe at 65 lbs. per dozen.  Each Economy moving blanket comes in one dozen bundles, 4-packs or as single blankets.  With thousands of Economy moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Wire Rope Clips and Safety

At US Cargo Control we offer a variety of wire rope clips. It is crazy that such a simple device could be so complicated! There are multiple types of wire rope clips for different applications and there is a right way to use them. Hopefully this clears up some issues on how to use a wire rope clip and what type of wire rope clamp is right for you. More information about the products and the types of clips are also available on our website.

Wire Rope Clip Safety

Wire rope clamps are used to secure the ends of wire rope but it is important to use the steel clamps in a way that secures the rope. The saddle and the nuts should be on the opposite side from the terminated end. In other words, make sure that all of the wire rope clamps are on the same side and that the loops are on the side of the terminated end. For more information on how to tie down wire rope, please call our product experts at 800-660-3585.

Drop Forged vs. Malleable Wire Rope Clips

The wire rope clip strength  is one of the most important factors in determining which type is best for your application. Drop forged steel cable clamps are designed for heavy duty applications. Drop forged steel is strong because the process of pressing the hot steel into dies creates one piece of strong steel. Malleable wire rope clips are designed for lighter loads but offer considerable cost advantages. Applications that malleable wire rope clamps can be used for include fencing, guard rails, hand rails, etc. As a rule of thumb, if it is an overhead or critical system, drop forged or precision cast steel wire rope clips should be used.

Movers Blankets

Movers blankets from US Cargo Control come in a 72″ x 80″ size and a variety of weights to provide protection and security during your move. Categorized as a “Good,”  “Better,” or “Best” blanket, there are plenty of options to assist in your one-time move, or if you need movers blankets for multiple moves. US Cargo Control’s Best movers blankets are not only great for protecting your furniture from getting dinged or scratched, but can also double as sound proofing material or pet bedding. Coming in one dozen bundles, four packs, or as singles, we have you covered. With thousands of movers blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Cargo Pads

Cargo pads from US Cargo Control are a great investment for moving your furniture and fragile items safely. US Cargo Control offers three qualities of cargo pads to help you in any situation. Our “Good” category is perfect for the one time mover. These lightweight blankets are made out of non-woven polyester fabric and have a non-woven binding. They are perfect for those moving on a budget but still need protection for their items. The “Better” category is good for someone who is moving once and wants extra padding for their belongings, or for someone who is going to move multiple times. These mid weight blankets are made out of a mixture of woven polyester and non-woven poly binding. The “Best” category of cargo pads is made from a cotton and polyester blend fabric and is perfect for moving companies or heavy usage. With thousands of cargo pads in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control is ready to help you with your moving needs.

Steel Platform Truck Moving Dolly

A platform truck moving dolly isn’t just for when your’re moving. This handy hand truck is great to have in the warehouse, office, or at home for transporting cargo, tools, boxes, or awkward-shaped items. While traditional moving dollies have a frame shape with an open area middle, a platform dolly offers a larger surface area so it’s perfect for hauling more fragile items. A folding handle makes it easy to store when not in use. Here our product specialist Leslie shows you the features and benefits of our platform truck:



Cotton Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a variety of cotton moving blankets to help you with your move. Listed in our best category, these cotton/poly moving blankets are our heavyweight and most durable blankets. The Performance blanket is 75 lbs. per dozen, the Pro-Mover is 82 lbs. per dozen, and our Supreme cotton moving blanket comes in at 95 lbs. per dozen, making it our best blanket. This ultra heavyweight blanket is black on one side, white on the other, and can double as pet bedding or used for soundproofing. Each blanket is 72″ x80″ giving you plenty of coverage and protection. With thousands of moving blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!

Furniture Blankets


US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of furniture blankets for your moving needs.  Ranging from a lightweight 43 lbs. per dozen up to a hefty 95 lbs. per dozen, furniture blankets are perfect whether you are moving once, own a moving business, or plan to use them for other things, such as for camping, pet bedding, or even sound proofing a wall.  Our furniture blankets come in a variety of colors, including black, blue, green, and camo.  With thousands of blankets in stock and ready to ship, US Cargo Control has you covered!