How to Choose a Moving Blanket

With several varieties, fabrics and weights of moving blankets, choosing the right one can be a more complex process than you might think.

We’ve created a short video to highlight the key qualities of each.  Below you’ll also find a link to each style so you can easily find them on the moving supplies page. All moving blankets are available in single packs, 4-packs and dozen bundles; moving pads (also known as moving skins) are available in 6-packs and 24-packs.

A final tip: moving blankets can also be extremely useful even after a move! Check out “Moving blankets: not just for moving anymore” for ideas on other uses for a moving blanket.

Supreme Moving Blanket

Moving blankets in our “Best” category:

Supreme. A cotton/polyester blend fabric with woven binding for an ultra-heavy weight and excellent durability.

Pro Mover. Microfiber fabric with cotton batting that’s thicker than typical moving blankets.

Performance. Mid-weight yet high quality that works great for repeated use.

Blankets in our “Better” category:


Mega Mover Moving Blanket

Mega Mover. Polyester fabric on both sides for durability, yet less expensive option than cotton/polyester blend blankets.

Multi Mover. Great mid-level blanket that’s durable enough for repeated use.

Camo. All the benefits of our better moving blankets but in a camo pattern that’s perfect for hunting, camping and other outdoor uses after the move.

Blankets in our “Good” category: 

Econo Deluxe Moving Blanket

Econo Deluxe. The top blanket in our “Good” series, in a mid-weight that’s idea for limited use.

Econo Mover. An excellent value, with a mid-weight and inexpensive price.

Econo Saver. Extremely economical, so it’s perfect for limited or one-time use.

Moving Pads (also known as moving skins). Recycled cotton fabric with no binding is perfect for adding lightweight protection.


How to Choose a Recovery Strap or Tow Strap

Image of 8"x16' recovery / tow strapWhile the terms recovery strap and tow strap are often used interchangeably, a tow strap and a recovery strap can be very different and are usually used for different purposes.

Recovery strap

-Made of nylon for a higher stretch value.
-Used for “recovering” a vehicle that’s immobilized.
-Sometimes also called snatch straps for the ability to “snatch” a vehicle from a stuck position.
-Can also be used for towing
applications. Continue reading “How to Choose a Recovery Strap or Tow Strap”

E-Track: Ratchet Strap or Cam Buckle Strap?

Image of e-track ratchet strapIf you’re considering E-track for your trailer or truck, or even a non-transport use, such as in the garage for storage, all of the different options in track and accessories can be confusing.

One of the most important choices will be e-track straps and tie downs. Cam buckle straps and ratchet straps  are the most popular straps, but there are differences between the two that can help you decide which will work best for your job.

E-Track Ratchet Straps

image of 2" e-track ratchet strap

– An e-track ratchet strap can be tightened significantly more than an e-track cam buckle strap. A ratcheting action uses leverage and force to pull the strap very tight.

– The tighter tension makes ratchet straps for e-track better for securing large, heavy loads.

– E-track ratchet straps have a work load limit and break strength than e-track cam buckle straps.



E-Track Cam Buckle Straps

Image of 2" e-track cam buckle strap

– E-track cambuckle straps are simpler to assemble and use than e-track ratchet straps.

– Tension is more easily controlled with cam straps so there’s less danger of over-tightening and damaging more fragile cargo.

– E-track cam buckle straps are quick to secure and more convenient to use.


All of our e-track ratchet straps and e-track cam straps are available in three sizes, each in a tough 6,000 lb. polyester webbing:

  • 2″x12′
  • 2″x16′
  • 2″x20′

E-track straps are typically color-coded for easy identification of length:

  • Yellow = 12′
  • Gray = 16′
  • Blue = 20′

E Track: Not Just For The Truck or Trailer Any More

If you aren’t aware of the versatility of E-track, a quick search of this blog can get you started. It’s great for securing motorcycles, ATVs, lawn tractors, pallets- just about anything once you install it in the back of a pickup truck, on a flatbed trailer, or in an enclosed trailer.

But have you thought about the many uses for etrack around the garage, storage shed, barn, or worksite? This handy track and the various options of straps and end fittings make this system an invaluable tool for many non-transporting uses.

In the garage, install an 8′ length of e-track along wall studs. Image of painted etrack tie down with o-ringStock up on fittings like an E track tie down with O-ring as well as S hooks, and you’ve got an easy way to hang everything from tools to lawn trimming equipment to sporting goods.

In a storage shed, install two lengths of vertical e-track and add a wood end socket. A simple 1″x6″ lumber piece creates a spot to place a sheet of plywood to create instant decking to maximize your space.

Image of vertical etrack with shoring beamsFor a similar set-up with the ability to handle heavier loads, use an adjustable shoring beam instead of a 1″x6″; our 85″ adjustable aluminum shoring beam extends to 95″ and has a work load limit of 2,200 lbs. for shoring and decking applications.



In a barn or stable, e-track singles or 2′ horizontal e track can come in handy since their small size makes them simple to install nearly anywhere.

Image of horizontal E-track with two rope tie off fittings

Insert a rope tie off into an e-track single or 2′ track and you instantly have a D ring to loop a rope, twine, etc. through securely. This handy assembly can hold doors open, secure animal leads, hold feed bags or bins against the wall when paired with a rubber tarp strap– the uses are endless.

On the worksite, install horizontal e-track along the wall if you have items such as panels, Image of horizontal e-track lumber, tires, ladders, etc. that lean against the wall. Securing these items to the wall is easy with the wide variety of sizes and styles of E-track ratchet straps and cam straps that are available. Add plastic end caps and you’ve got a safe, versatile storage spot.

An e-track single or smaller length of 2′ E-track is also handy for mounting to utility carts like those used in a warehouse for smaller scale securing an hauling jobs. Pick up the 2′ galvanized e track if your equipment will be outside and exposed to the elements.

Flatbed Tarps: Lumber Tarps and Steel Tarps

Flatbed truck tarps are an essential for any flatbed truck driver. There are differences between a lumber tarp and a steel tarp, as well as features to look for in both.

Lumber tarp
A lumber tarp is generally used for long haul truckers to protect lumber, hay, pallets, and other bulky cargo. It is designed with a flap to fully cover the ends of the load.

One of our best-selling heavy duty lumber tarps unfolded:

Steel tarp
A steel tarp are sometimes sized slightly smaller than a lumber tarp and is four-sided to protect loads of steel rods, sheets, cables, etc. that have a lower profile.

Weights and construction
Tarps also come in different weights so there’s something that will work for nearly any job. Although all of our tarps are made of PVC-coated polyester for excellent tear resistance, the weight of the fabric differs between the lightweight, mid-weight and heavy-duty styles. Depending on the drop size (height), each tarp has either two or three rows of D-rings running the length of the tarp

The d-ring construction also differs slightly. Lightweight and midweight tarps are designed with fabric abrasion strips that run the entire length of the tarp to add protection:

Image of mid-weight lumber tarp d-rings






Heavyweight tarps have additional fabric abrasion pads stitched to the tarp underneath the D-ring:

Image of heavy-duty lumber tarp d-ring






Many of our stock tarps are available in black, red or blue on our website. Several are also available in green, yellow, gray, and white by calling our sales team toll free at 866-444-9990.

Tarp accessories
Repair kit. Even the most durable tarp can tear over time, so be sure to keep a tarp repair kit on hand. It includes a patch and vinyl cement so you won’t have to order the two separately.
Corner protectors. These are an inexpensive way to protect your tarp from abrasions, as well as your cargo. Our corner protectors are available in steel and plastic in a variety of sizes.
Rubber tarp straps and rubber ropeTarp straps come in a variety of lengths, in both natural rubber and EPDM rubber. Rubber rope is another great option since you can create custom length straps when paired with a .

Tarp Straps: Natural Rubber vs. EPDM

Here in the Midwest- like most of the country- we’ve had some extreme temperatures this summer. While we all know hot temps can be dangerous if you’re outside for a long time, it’s also important to remember your outdoor equipment is taking a beating in the heat and sunlight as well.

One type of equipment that can be purchased specifically for temperature and climate conditions is tarp straps. Did you know there’s difference between EPDM tarp straps and natural rubber tarp straps? Although they may look the same, there are some differences that make one a better choice over the other.

EPDM is Eethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, which is a type of synthetic rubber. EPDM rubber offers excellent resistance to heat, ozone, acids and bases, which is why it’s very common in the automotive industry in the form of seals, hoses, belts, etc. Because it stands up so well to extreme temps, it’s ideal for hot climates, and for summer use in all climates where it will be exposed to heat and sunlight. EPDM rubber tarp straps are an excellent choice for the hot summer months.

Natural rubber tarp straps are ideal for winter and cooler climates as natural rubber will not crack and split in colder conditions. Natural rubber tarp straps will also stretch further than EPDM and will also return to its non-stretched, normal length quicker than an EPDM strap will.

Rubber tarp straps are relatively inexpensive (especially if you buy them in our bulk quantities of 50 per box) so if your straps will be exposed to the elements in the hottest summer temps and coldest winter temps, it’s a good idea to switch them out from season to season. Our best sellers in bulk quantities include a 21″ length and a 31″ length. Pallet price discounts are also available, which cuts the price per strap even more- call our sales team at 866-444-9990 for more information.

About tarp straps from US Cargo Control:

  • Both natural rubber and EPDM straps are sold individually, in bundles of 10 or in boxes of 50.
  • Lengths include: 9″, 15″, 21″, 31″, 41″.
  • Replacement tarp strap hooks are also available in a 100-ct. quantity.



New Products Review: Flatbed Trailer Products

Lots of new products have rolled out onto our US Cargo Control website lately, including many in our flatbed trailer group from Merritt®- a trusted manufacturer in the industry.

If there’s a product or a group of new items you’d like to see added to our website, be sure to let us know- either by a comment below or contacting us at 866-444-9990.

Headache Racks

Image of headache rack
Merritt® Headache Rack

A Merritt® Equipment headache rack is an excellent investment for a truck/trailer. Sometimes also known as limited security racks (LSR) or cab guards for trucks, these not only look sharp but can add a measure of security to the cab in the event of an accident. We offer two aluminum cab guard styles: 70″ wide with E-Z view window and an 80″ wide with chain racks. Both feature Dyna-Tube extrusion on the outer edge for a tough yet smooth aerodynamic border. Mounting kits in both a 17″ size and a 21″ size are also available so you’ll have everything you need for easy installation.


Tire Chain Carriers

Image of tire chain carrier
Merritt® Tire Chain Carrier

It’s not too early to be thinking of winter driving. Tire chain holders that mount right to the frame are a great way to keep chains organized, and a locking lid keeps them secure. The space-saving design is only 8” wide and is available in both an 18” size for frames with fairing packages and a 24″ size for open frame models.

Also be sure to check our selection of tire chains. We offer two styles, both from Pewag, a trusted manufacturer in the chain industry.


Deck Covers

Image of deck cover
Merritt® Deck Cover

Aluminum Dyna-Deck covers are a simple, fast way to create sturdy walking deck spaces on your rig. The top-mount design is ribbed to create a non-skid surface and allow for draining. Variable mounting points make them easy to install, with no drilling required. All are 33.25″ wide so they easily slide together. Choose from three different lengths:  18.5″L, 28″L, 37.5“. Each deck cover meets DOT regulations for a walk area.