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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Men from US Cargo Control

We know it can be hard to find us guys a great gift…so we thought we’d help offer up a few ideas since our US Cargo Control website has a lot of items men would like to add to their “collections.” Presenting our top five great gifts for men: This 2″ x 18′ Ratchet Strap is a […]

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What’s the Difference Between Moving Blankets?

We offer nine different moving blankets as well as a thinner “moving skin” so choosing can be confusing. The fabric and the binding of a moving blanket is what determines whether it’s the very best quality or a limited usage blanket. Choosing a blanket should be based on your intended usage, and we’ve put our blankets into […]

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Flatbed Truck Tarps: Types, Sizes, and Accessories

Choosing the best flatbed truck tarp for your particular needs might not be as clear cut as you think. Flatbed tarps not only come in a wide variety of sizes, but they are made of different materials and designed very differently depending on their intended use.  The best tarp for a dump truck won’t necessarily […]

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Customer Photos: Stainless Steel Shackles for Fishing

These latest photos we’ve received were a little surprising. While we know stainless steel shackles are used in a wide variety of the industries we serve, fishing is not one that immediately comes to mind- especially when you’re used to hearing from customers in the rigging and lifting field. Dalton from Texas sent us these […]

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Why Add Zinc to Steel?

*This is the second in a four-part series about steel used in rigging supplies and rigging hardware. As explained in the previous post about carbon steel, there are four main types, and two of those involve a layer to add zinc to steel. These two types are hot galvanized dipped and zinc plated. Both of these […]

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Polypropylene trucking rope from US Cargo Control

What Is California Truck Rope?

Before understanding what exactly sets California truck rope apart, it’s important to understand about the different types of industrial rope out there. Most rope can be broken into two categories: synthetic (manmade) fiber and natural fiber.  In recent years, many people have gone with synthetic ropes because they are often more suited for the type […]

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image of endless ratchet strap

How to Use an Endless Ratchet Strap

An endless ratchet strap is designed to bundle or band items together, so it’s great for use on a pallet, moving dolly, etc.  Sometimes called “endless loop ratchet straps” or just an “endless strap,” they’re available in a variety of widths, lengths, and colors. Because a ratchet can be tensioned tightly, it’s a good idea […]

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Semi truck sign from US Cargo Control

8 Legends In Our Placard Set: What Do They Mean?

Our placard set is one of our best-selling items in our vehicle and driver supplies, due in part to its versatility- eight different legends are available with the quick switch of the plates. The hazardous materials placard’s legends cover a wide variety of labels for whatever hazardous materials you find yourself hauling.  These meet the […]

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