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What is a Snatch Block?

A common question we hear is what is the difference between a snatch block and other types of blocks and pulleys? All of the items we sell in the Snatch Blocks & Wire Rope Pulleys category can be called blocks or wire rope pulleys, but snatch block refers to a particular type of block. A […]

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Are Moving Blankets Machine Washable?

We’re often asked if our moving blankets can be washed in a washing machine. Our “Best” category includes three machine-washable moving blankets. Their heavy-weight construction with woven polyester binding on all four sides allows them to be washed and re-used repeatedly. Keep in mind, even though these blankets are classified as washable, we do not recommend […]

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What are Ratchet Straps Made Of?

Because ratchet straps are used for trailers, interior van trailers (logistic straps for L-track or E-track systems), moving trucks, and many other types of vehicles that haul bulky or heavy cargo, all of our  ratchet straps are made of high quality, industrial grade webbing. Ratchet straps are typically made from a polyester fabric, which is […]

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What are E-Track Shoring Beams?

E-track shoring beams  can serve a dual purpose. Not only can they secure cargo safely inside a trailer, they can also be used to provide additional storage space. E-track shoring beams attach to e-track rails that are installed inside your truck or trailer. Also called load bars, cargo bars, or load locks, the adjustable beams snap into […]

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How Many Tie Downs Do I Need?

When you transport any type of cargo, it is important to use the correct number of tie downs to secure your load. The number of tie downs you need depends on the length and weight of the cargo you are transporting. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules state: Use one tie-down if your cargo: Is […]

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Why use a wire rope thimble?

Anytime a wire rope is bent so it can be attached to a hanging point, there is a risk that the eye could be crushed. The addition of a wire rope thimble to the eye protects the rope by guiding it into a natural curve and creating an extra layer of support. Adding this protection not […]

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What’s the Difference Between Moving Blankets?

We offer nine different moving blankets as well as a thinner “moving skin” so choosing can be confusing. The fabric and the binding of a moving blanket is what determines whether it’s the very best quality or a limited usage blanket. Choosing a blanket should be based on your intended usage, and we’ve put our blankets into […]

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visual of vertical e-track

What’s the difference between L-track and E-track?

Both e-track and l-track are track systems that accommodate fittings for tie-down straps. The main difference is the size and shape of the track. E-track has a wider, more flat profile than L-track and secures on the outside edge of the track. L-track (also called airline track or logistic track) has a more compact appearance […]

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What’s the Difference Between Seat Belt Webbing and Polyester Webbing?

A: Seat belt webbing is actually a polyester webbing but it’s slightly thinner and typically has a lower tensile strength than regular polyester webbing that’s usually used for ratchet straps, cam straps and winch straps. It obviously gets its name from its main use as webbing used for seat belts and other automotive restraints, but […]

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What’s the Best Way to Protect Furniture and Appliances when Moving?

Today’s answer comes from our resident Moving Supplies Expert, Sarah Watson.  ___________________________________________________________________________ I truly think of myself as a Moving Supplies Superhero – saving the world, one moving blanket at a time.  My colleagues even call me SWatson which I believe sounds very special agent, superhero-like. Questions?  Call me at (800) 867-1210! Need a photo of […]

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Polypropylene trucking rope from US Cargo Control

What Is California Truck Rope?

Before understanding what exactly sets California truck rope apart, it’s important to understand about the different types of industrial rope out there. Most rope can be broken into two categories: synthetic (manmade) fiber and natural fiber.  In recent years, many people have gone with synthetic ropes because they are often more suited for the type […]

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image of adjustable wheel net

What’s the Difference Between Wheel Nets and What’s the Best Wheel Net for Large Tires?

Choosing a wheel net can be confusing and it’s by far one of the most common questions we get at USCC since there are so many variations of vehicles, tires, and towing applications. A few things to note: side mount wheel nets should not be used on dollies because the dolly ratchet assembly is on […]

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