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Chain Grades: Comparing Grade 30, Grade 43, Grade 70, Grade 80, Grade 100, and Grade 120 Chain

We turned one our most popular posts, “What are the Differences Between Grade 70 Chain, Grade 80 Chain, Grade 100 Chain, and Grade 120 Chain?”, into a simple chart for quick and easy chain grade comparison. We also added information on the Grade 30 chain and Grade 43 chain. While we don’t sell these chain grades on our website, you […]

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New Product Alert: Grade 100 Chain Slings

US Cargo Control has launched a new manufacturing capability with the introduction of KWB Grade 100 signal violet chain slings to their product line. KWB, a Pewag company, is known for their high-quality chain and fittings, while Pewag is a leader in the chain manufacturing industry, known for their innovation and high-quality products. Chain slings […]

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Tire Chains: Choose the Right Fit & Style for Safer Winter Driving

A sturdy set of tire chains is something every vehicle owner should consider carrying along during the winter months. Some states require drivers to have them on hand in case weather makes roads difficult or dangerous for driving. Tire chains bite into heavy snow, slush, and ice to give your rig extra traction and help […]

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Temperature Ratings for Chain Slings

Although extremely strong, chain can still be negatively affected when exposed to temperature extremes. The acceptable temperature range will vary depending on the grade of the chain and will also vary in reduction of Working Load Limit (WLL). See the chart below from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) regarding standard B30.9-2014  and reduction in […]

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New Transport Chain & Binder Packages Now Available

US Cargo Control is now offering chain and binder packages. There are 45 different combinations of kits available varying in grade, size and style. Each combination includes one chain and one binder and meets the standards of the National Association of Chain Manufactures (NACM), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Department of Transportation (DOT). […]

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Tips for Avoiding Injury with a Lever Load Binder

Safety is a priority in the trucking industry. In 2012, truck drivers were three times more likely to receive a nonfatal injury on the job compared to the average US adult worker, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC also reports the most common injuries in the trucking industry include strains and sprains, […]

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Why Should I use a QuikBinder Plus as a Chain Binder?

Safety is a big concern when it comes to securing large loads to a flatbed trailer. The Peerless QuikBinder Plus Ratchet Loadbinder is boasted as a safer, stronger, faster and more functional load binder compared to the more basic ratchet and lever binder styles. It can be quickly installed and can be used in three positions: the ratchet extension, […]

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What’s the Difference between Ratchet Binders and Lever Binders?

A chain binder, is a tool used to tighten chain as a method to secure cargo to a trailer for transport. There are two common styles; the ratchet binder and the lever binder. The Ratchet Binder  A ratchet binder also known as a ratchet chain, uses a ratcheting mechanism to create tension in the chain and secure […]

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Winter Weather: Be Aware and Prepared

Winter weather has been wreaking havoc all across the United States this week. It’s no surprise when snow and ice descend on the Midwest or Northeast, but when freezing conditions are impacting the sunny, south things are getting a little weird. Trucker Brock Gadberry is no stranger to winter, he grew up on a farm in […]

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New Products: Grade 120 Chain

If you’re looking for the best lifting chains and bulk chain in the industry, look no further than grade 120 chain. 120 grade chain is a new generation of high performance chain. With working load limits 50% higher than traditional grade 80 chain, and 20% stronger than grade 100 chain, it’s ideal for any application […]

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Tire Chain Laws by State

When winter weather strikes, it’s not only important to have sturdy tire chains ready to go in your vehicle- in some states, it’s the law. Tire chains help keep your rig on the road in the ice and snow, making travel safer for you, your load and the drivers around you. There is a wide […]

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Chain Slings from US Cargo Control

Since we’ve expanded our line of chain lifting slings earlier this year, it’s been great seeing the different types and sizes of chain slings customers are requesting. This one has been one of the biggest we’ve seen lately. These chains have a capacity of 234,000 lbs. at 60 degrees, which means it would break at […]

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