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Hot Weather Tire Safety Tips

  Extreme summer heat seems to be hanging around in many parts of the country, which can bring extra concerns out on the road. Keep these simple tire safety tips in mind when the temperatures climb.     Make sure your tires are properly inflated. When the air is too low the tire creates more […]

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Useful Apps for Truck Driving

There’s no question it takes a special type of person to hit the open road and work as a trucker, moving the goods of America from coast to coast.  While the days of struggling to find the right road in a Rand McNally road atlas are gone, the change in technology can be a huge […]

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Semi truck sign from US Cargo Control

8 Legends In Our Placard Set: What Do They Mean?

Our placard set is one of our best-selling items in our vehicle and driver supplies, due in part to its versatility- eight different legends are available with the quick switch of the plates. The hazardous materials placard’s legends cover a wide variety of labels for whatever hazardous materials you find yourself hauling.  These meet the […]

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Have a College-Bound Kid? 9 Tips to Help Tackle the Move

The summer moving season is still in full swing, which means college moving time is coming up fast! If this is your first time sending off a son or daughter, take a look at some moving tips we’ve compiled to make the move to dorm life a smooth one. 1. Keep hanging clothes on hangers. […]

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10 Great Uses for Seatbelt Webbing

When you hear about seatbelt webbing, you may get some great ideas for one or two uses, but are you really getting the most out of our high quality polyester webbing, or not?  Why keep this great material to just one or two uses when it can be used in so many different areas around […]

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Iowa 80: World’s Largest Truckstop

We recently had a great story idea about featuring a list of some of the top truckstops across the country. After some quick researching on the web, one place kept coming up on the trucking forums: the Iowa 80, also known as the World’s Largest Truckstop. And since it’s not far from us here in […]

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