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Image of 7/16" stainless steel wire rope: 6x19

Steel Cable

  US Cargo Control offers a large selection of steel cable for nearly any application.  With many types, from fiber core wire rope to steel core cable, you’re  sure to find what you need.  Steel cable comes in a strong 6×19 configuration and a more flexible 6×37 cable.  Other variations include 7×19 aircraft cable, stainless […]

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Replacing Tie Down Straps

If the webbing on your ratchet straps, cam straps or winch straps is showing signs of wear and tear, they need to be replaced. According to the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA), web tie down straps should no longer be used if tears, holes, snags, cuts or embedded particles are evident that could […]

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E-Track Fittings

What makes E-track so great is the amount of e-track fittings, tie down straps, ratchet straps, etc. that work with e-track systems. Even simple accessories like a bungee cord or a cargo net are easy to quickly secure when you have an e track system installed in an enclosed trailer or on the floor of […]

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Hours of Service Requirements and Drivers Log Book Examples

The latest guidelines from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that revise the Hours of Service (HOS) safety requirements went into effect February 27, 2012. However, truck drivers and trucking companies have until July 1st, 2013 to fully comply with selected provisions of regulations. When FMCSA regulations change, it’s important to […]

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Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of moving blankets to suit your needs. Three categories of moving blankets are available. They range from our “Good” blankets – made of non-woven polyester; to our “Better”  – made of a mixture of woven and non woven polyester. And finally, our “Best” moving blanket – a cotton […]

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Moving Blankets for Sale

US Cargo Control has a wide variety of moving blankets for sale to help you in your move. From a lightweight good blanket, all the way up to a heavyweight best blanket, the moving blankets for sale at US Cargo Control are perfect for protecting furniture, to add extra cushion between items when transporting, or […]

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Need to Buy Moving Blankets? Shop US Cargo Control

  US Cargo Control is the place to shop when you need to buy moving blankets. With many different styles and weights, these moving blankets are perfect for the person who is moving once, or the company that needs to buy moving moving blankets for a fleet of trucks. Options range from woven polyester, a […]

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image of aluminum l-track

L-Track Fittings and Installation

While E track tie downs have been the traditional favorite for flat trailers and enclosed trailer tie downs, L track tie down systems (also called logistic track or airline track) is gaining in popularity. Because of its lower profile, airline track tie down rail and fittings are ideal for smaller spaces like truck beds. In […]

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Black Moving Blankets

US Cargo Control offers a wide variety of black moving blankets to assist you in your move. Black moving blankets come in a variety of styles. For those who are only going to move once or twice, the Econo Mover is 54 lbs. per dozen and made out of Non-Woven poly fabric, making it perfect […]

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image of aluminum handtruck

Moving Must-Have: Hand Truck

Although it may not seem like it, spring is right around the corner, which means that the official start of moving season is almost upon us. Whether you’re a professional mover or have plans for an upcoming DIY move, a hand truck (also known as a hand cart or box dolly) is a must-have for […]

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